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Weight Lost Resolution: Share Your Story!

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I know how to take a photo. Suck in at the right second. Angle my hips for a more slimming shot. Chin down. Smile bright.

But my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease aren’t as easy to mask. So I have committed to putting my health first in 2011 and breaking the cycle.

And the universe was listening as three events made me even more determined to achieve my fitness goal to eat better and work out regularly.

December 2010

#1 Jennifer Hudson. Yes, the Oscar winning J-Hud who has the best body of her life AFTER having a child. Her Weight Watchers commercials pulled my card and showed that just because you have always been on the thick side doesn’t mean you have to stay there. It also is a reminder that toning up doesn’t mean losing your curves, just enhancing them on a fit frame.

#2 Diabetes. I learned what Diabetes was from seeing my grandfather get insulin shots as a child. My story is not unique as African Americans lead in cases of Diabetes and fare much worst with the condition. Over the Christmas holidays, I learned a friend’s dad had to have both his legs amputated from diabetic complications. That brought home the point even more to keep a better watch on what I am feeding my body and get moving.

#3 You. Shortly after committing to my goal to shape up, I was emailed about an opportunity to try Weight Watchers and share the experience. I knew saying “yes” would make me more accountable, knowing that other people are aware of my goal and can check me on my progress. So far, I am LOVING their new Point System as all the items I have had in the past week were already in their catalog and I could quickly see nutritional and point value. Shrimp Tempura was easier to resist for lunch knowing it would be 10 points of my daily allotment of 29 and it’s not even that filling! Soup it is. As part of my participation around Weight Watchers and health resolutions, Weight Watchers gave me a free three-month subscription to Weight Watchers.

You can experience Weight Watchers® for yourself with a 14-day Free Trial to Weight Watchers Online. The offer ends on 1/27/2011. After the free trial, you will be charged for a 3-month subscription unless you cancel before the trial ends. After the first 3 months, subscription automatically renews monthly at standard rules. Click Here to sign up today for this great offer from Weight Watchers before it ends!

Have you lost weight or plan to for 2011? Share your experience below.

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  1. Great article! Yes, you make good points about hiding the flaws on the outside. However, family history and disease can not be hidden. Bad health is bad health. Losing your limbs and insulin shots are no joke. Quality of life is the most important issue regarding our health. Congrats on Weight Watchers. Jennifer Hudson does look amazing. So does Monique for that matter.

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