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Entrepreneurial burn out isn’t something we talk about often but, the statistics don’t lie. Only two-thirds of all small businesses survive past 2 years, and about half of all small businesses will make it past the 5 year mark! Now, while many factors come in to play with this data – some of the primary reasons for failed businesses revolve around: access to capital, poor money management, inadequate planning and last but not least – entrepreneurial burnout!

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Women in Business, 90% of women owned businesses have no other employees other than the business owner. Yet, their are 11 million women owned businesses in the United States, stimulating $1.6 trillion of the economy, according to The 2016 Women Owned Businesses Report!

When all the cards are on the table – it’s easy to understand how women entrepreneurs can crash and burn. Especially when they’re managing all of their day-to-day business needs, while also fulfilling their roles as wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend…and everything in between!

It’s the belief of The Woman Behind The Business™ that by equipping women entrepreneurs with tools, and key learnings from other women who have successfully overcome the very valleys most start-up businesses face – they too will beat the odds.

“That support system is what makes The Woman Behind The Business™ unique” said The Woman Behind The Business, founder, Angel Livas. “We don’t just throw successful women up to a microphone to gloat about their successes…we get raw. Our conversations are unapologetically honest, because it’s in those moments of truth that I believe serious entrepreneurs will see a glimpse of themselves. Maybe not in every situation…but, definitely in some.”


This fall, women entrepreneurs from across the country will journey to Nassau, Bahamas for the first annual “The Woman Behind The Business™ Retreat”! The goal of the retreat is to bridge the international gap between women entrepreneurs…while also factoring in down time for women to bask in relaxation.

Confirmed retreat presenters include: The Consul General of The Bahamas – Paulette Zonicle; Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, CEO – Carla A. Reid; Bon Secours Health System, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Gloria Goins; Professional Pipeline Development Group, CEO – Monica Hawkins; Former Superintendent of Bahamas Police Department, Elaine Sands, among others.

To learn more about The Woman Behind The Business™ or the upcoming retreat that strives to provide Strength, Strategy & Success: Your Toolkit To Sustainability visit:

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