AD is a herbal/specialist body cleanse expert who has appeared on the Steve Harvey Show sharing his expertise on healthy living. For the past 10 years, AD has had the number one herbal cleansing company online– many celebrities use his products.

“Health is Your Wealth” says A.D. and making changes to how you invest in your body is essential to having a long ­lasting life. Your health is the MOST valuable thing we are given without it you have nothing! A lot of people take it for granted… in the food selections we make that processed, contain GMO’s, pesticides, hormones, Gluten, or an overload in sugar all increase your chances for diseases like Diabetes, Fibroids, and High Blood Pressure. (Heart disease is the #1 killer for all americans, 1 out of 4 African Americans have high blood pressure and 34.4% of Latinos suffer from heart disease and diabetes is the fastest growing disease amongst minorities because of our diets .

Living a healthy lifestyle seems to be what’s trendy right now! Wether you are a vegetarian, vegan, non­pork eater, or just wanting to be more conscious of how you take care of your body. The words “Organic,” “Farm Raised,” “No GMOs,” and Gluten Free are everywhere. Unfortunately, most of us have to have a “reason” to change our unhealthy habits and DHerbs has been instrumental in providing their loyal customers with products that help you achieve and experience positive results.

WHAT A CLEANSE DOES: When your body is operating at peak efficiency, it can

help you stave off infections and other health related The Full Body 7 Day Cleanse can assist in achieving optimal results! It has 7 formulas and cleanses all of all of the adrenal channels (liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidney, bladder, colon and digestive track, respiratory system, cardio vascular system, blood & lymphatic system.) This cleanse also increases your circulation and libido so I’m sure all the ladies and guys will like that!


A.D. and his company has been mentioned on Steve Harvey Morning Show, Jet Magazine, Sister2 Sister Magazine, DL Hughley Radio

CEO of Dherbs A.D. on the Steve Harvey Radio Show

CEO of Dherbs A.D. on Russ Parr Morning Show

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