Artist Patrick Dougher Collaborates With Dope Pieces Puzzles


By Staff

Why is art so critical to our culture?

Art is culture. There is no aspect of culture that is not influenced by art in some way. Art and culture are totally symbiotic. No art no culture, no culture no art.

Tell us about your experience collaborating with Dope Pieces.
Kris Hale the founder and director of Dope Pieces reached out to me through our mutual friend the artist Vince Ballentine who also has a puzzle in the collection. She selected  two works of mine (“Mixed-Matched Malcom Marley” and “Ordained V”)  to create as puzzles. Thankfully these were well received.  Recently we have added another “I AM” to the collection. 

How have you managed creating in such a competitive industry?
Honestly I don’t think about it. I create because I am compelled to do so. I don’t compete or think in terms of competition. I root for everyones success.

God Above V

Tell us about your first work of art you sold.
I sold a large very intricate collage piece to a black owned gallery back in the mid 90’s for a very low price. I was just honored to have someone interested in buying my art! About a week after I delivered the art I went back to the gallery to pick up my meager payment only to see my art on display priced at 10 times what I had sold it for! The piece sold later that day too. Lessons and blessings.

What advice would you give to someone else who seeks to work as an artist?
Make art. Make art from your heart. Stay curious and courageous and willing to push beyond your comfort zones. stay humble, hungry and grateful.

What inspires you to create your art?
The Ultimate Most High Creator.  When I am right my inspiration comes from a higher source. It is the purest form of sorcery..

What does success look like to you?
Living in ones purpose and having ones physical needs met by doing so. Success looks like happiness and serenity, love and health.

If you couldn’t create art in the way that you have, what else would you want to do and why?
I suppose I would do what Ive done in the past, which is to work with and support  young people with their socio-emotional development. Either that or be a rock star and style icon !

About The Artist

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Patrick Dougher is a self-taught Artist, Musician, Poet, Educator & Spiritual Activist. Patrick has played and recorded with Grammy award winners Sade, Chuck D (Public Enemy) and Dan Zanes as well as many other notables. He is the drummer on “Dub Side as the Moon” one of the best selling Reggae LP’s of all time.

He has worked as a Teaching Artist in NYC public schools, as an Art Therapist working with HIV positive children and as the Director of community arts organizations. For over 20 years Patrick has used the arts to empower and support the socio-emotional growth and health of “at-risk” and disenfranchised youth of the city.

Through his art Patrick seeks to inspire and to celebrate the noble beauty and divine nature of people of African descent and to connect urban African American culture to its roots in sacred African art, spirituality and ritual.

Instagram: @patrickdougher