Justin A. Reese, Esq. Sports Agent, Reality TV Star

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By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your education.

I went to St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, LA in 2000. After graduation I attended Morehouse College and graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2004. I graduated with cum laude and Psi Chi National Honor Society. I took one year off to teach high School and coach high school football. I moved back to New Orleans in the Summer of 2005 to attend Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. I graduated with Juris Doctor in 2008 with distinction in Order of the Barristers, winning a the ABA National Mock Trial Championship, Southern Regional Mediation Champion, and National Mediation Competitor. After Loyola I went to Temple Law and received my LL.M in Trial Advocacy in 2009.  

What inspired you to become a Sports Agent?
Having played high school football and college football I have a lot friends that were able to make it to NFL and have good careers. I saw their highs and lows. From their experience I want to share that with other young men so that they can experience more highs than lows. 

Tell us about the show and your role.
The show focuses on the lives of my friends. Everything from our personal lives, social lives, and professional lives. I feel that I am like the glue and voice of reason that keeps everyone together. 

How have you been able to manage the attention from being on television?
It is definitely different. I am still not use to it. It is very flattering that people love watching me on tv and that I entertain them. 

What charities are you interested in supporting and why?
I have been a long time supporter of Elevate Nola which is a program that provides tutoring and training for both boys and girls student athletes in basketball. I love their core values on academics and giving these kids the resources to be successful. 

Where would you like to see your acting career in the next five years?
Well am I definitely not an actor. I am showing my true self on the show. However, if any acting opportunities became present I would strongly consider and put in the work with both research and an acting coach to do the best job possible. 

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I am actually a huge fan of racing. I love formula one and nascar. 

What motivates you?
I am self motivated. I am very competitive and want to be the best. 

What advice would you give someone regarding following their dreams?
No matter how difficult things may get never give up. More likely than not you are closer than you think you are so just keep fighting. 


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