An Interview With Jayce Clarke

By Staff How have the arts impacted our culture? The arts have played a profound and enduring role in shaping and influencing our culture throughout history. They have had a significant impact on various aspects […]

Black History Month

Actor William L. Johnson

What inspired you to become an actor? I never really thought of being a film actor when I moved to LA. Musical theater was my passion, I truly love the stage and connecting with the audience. I […]


Xavier The Legend

By Staff What does it feel like being part of the 2023 graduating class at Stillman College? First off. To be a first generation graduate in my family is definitely a blessing in itself. It […]


An Interview with LaShawn

By Staff Tell us about your education. I graduated two years early, at the age of 16 as valedictorian of my class. Directly thereafter, I then attended a community college for one year before transferring […]