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July 21, 2024

Educator Kapri Dowdell

By Staff What inspired you to become an educator? I desired to become a teacher, a special education teacher specifically, to help students reach their full potential academically, mentally, and socially. Growing up I loved […]


Five First Steps To Start A Company

Sponsored by JPMorgan Case & Co. Starting a business is a challenging task that requires a certain optimism, imagination, and perseverance. If you’re looking to start your own business, here are some important initial steps […]


The Blue Angels Airing on PRIME

By Patrick Detry This is an outstanding documentary that showcases never before seen footage of The Blue Angels as there has never been an authorized civilian aircraft allowed this close-up to film the jets. This […]


An Interview With Stephanie Gibson Simmons

By Staff Tell us about your consulting services/company. ICF International, Inc. is a global consulting and technology services company that provides various services for governments and businesses, including strategic planning, management, marketing, and analytics. ICF helps clients solve complex challenges […]


Gerdie Robiou – Entrepreneur

By Staff About Entrepreneurship: I chose entrepreneurship because I value the freedom to shape my own destiny and enjoy the endless opportunities it offers. Alongside entrepreneurship, I appreciate having full control over decisions and the […]

Angie Bofill Tonight i give in

The Blue Angels – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Black Facts

Black Facts

Akwaba to Ghana for an Immersive Cultural Experience