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What inspired you to become an actor?

I did a low budget play, that my acting coach encouraged me to do for the experience- and when things started going wrong on stage, I started to improv. And laughter from the audience, from something I’d just created in the moment, hooked me right there.

 Tell us about your training experience.

I graduated from Howard University with a degree in Fine Arts. And afterwards, I took about an additional six years of acting classes w/ multiple coaches combined.

Tell us about your most successful project as a model.
My most successful project as a model was a perm box and a few other soft and beautiful products with my face on them. It stayed on shelves  for maybe about eight years. Best 3 days of work yet.

How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry?

I stay motivated by staying busy. If one thing leads me to a seemingly dead end, then I work on something else that I had a vision for. At one point I was in and out of studios with Murder ink working on music. I also wrote a children’s book, call Qualities that promotes confidence for kids. I created an Author school- assembly to get the book in over 15 schools in New York and New Jersey. I put in my own art exhibits by renting out night clubs during the daytime and hanging my work and hiring DJ and facilitating the wine and cheese. Lol. I coached acting classes during the pandemic and I wrote and directed a TV pilot called Ms. Renaissance that I got accepted into five film festivals (one of which I won best actress)  before I started renting out theaters and selling the tickets myself in NYC and Baltimore.

Tell us about your experience working on Power Book

Ghost has been a lot of fun. I play Sheryl Baldwin (the mom of Lauren Baldwin) She’s if “Never a dull moment” was a person.

And- Even with all of the changes of being on a season before the pandemic and during covid, this always feels like a privilege to me.

What advice would you give someone who seeks to become an actor?
I’d say learn how to act! Put in those 10,000 hours. Make sure you put yourself in a position where you’re available if opportunity knocks and create your own content until you get offers to get paid to work on others’. 

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?
In the next few years I’d like to be the lead in a TV show comedy. I’d also like to create a comedy – variety sketch show that incorporates other aspects of the arts like & current musical artist and contemporary fine art.


A true Ms. Renaissance; there aren’t many as diversely talented as Ambre Anderson.

Originally from Baltimore Maryland, with a BFA from Howard University, Ambre has a colorful background as an international model, a children’s book author and an award winning fine artist. However, upon moving to NY she established herself as a SAG-AFTRA actress, director and screen writer. She’s performed most recently in such TV shows as: Gotham, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Power, Bull, The Breaks, The Punisher, Rescue Me, Crashing and The Romanoffs to name a few. In her latest venture, Ms. Anderson directed, wrote and stars in the sitcom pilot: Ms. Renaissance that was accepted into three film festivals including the 2019 People’s Film Festival in NYC, where she won, “Best Actress”. Her inspiration to write and direct came from her love for comedy, her aspirations to create exposure for diverse talent, and bring together talented actors.
“My ongoing goal is to enlighten and inspire through art, story telling and laughter.”

Ambre Anderson heads up a group of models that appeared on this national network morning tv show

Ambre Anderson
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