Olajuwon Ajanaku – Founder Eastside Golf

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By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your education.

I grew up on the Eastside of Atlanta. I attended Cedar Grove High School where I was a double stand out sport player but my senior year I decided to focus strictly on golf. I received a golf scholarship to Morehouse College then studied Accounting and helped lead my golf team to the 1st and only National Championship in 2010, I then graduated in 2012. 

What does golf mean to you?

Golf is my life, I am golf! I have been playing since I was six years old. I received a golf lesson from Tiger Woods and I can remember it yesterday. Those words Mr. Earl Woods and Tiger Woods shared with me as a kid still fuel me until today. Golf is great game because you can play it for a life time but Eastside Golf is here to make it cool and expand to new markets.

What has your experience been like thus far as an entrepreneur?

This journey has been a stressful but rewarding! I started Eastside golf as an idea that was supported out of my own personal funds. I do it all from design, purchase and ship to customer. I think it important that I know all elements of the business as I add team members in the coming months. However, when I see a person in Eastside Golf, it’s all worth the sacrifice and journey.

Tell us about your product and where it can be purchased.

I have created an inspirational golf street wear brand. My product can we wore at both clubs, golf and out at night! I have people from professional golfers to hip hop artists all asking for merchandise. It can be purchased at www.eastsidegolfclub.com and on @eastsidegolf on social media. 

What does success look like to you?

My goal is to have Eastsidegolf in boutiques in all major markets like a NYC, MIA, LA, and Detroit. I also want to have a flag ship store in Atlanta where my golf career started. Lastly, I want Tiger Woods or another pro golfer wearing the brand while winning a major. 

How do you feel golf can enhance the lives of other our young African American youth?

Golf is the number one sport for business and often time we miss the opportunity because we aren’t comfortable or have false beliefs that everyone is good. I want African American youth to see this brand and see themselves. Golf is a life changing sport, ask anyone who plays. Golf is sport that will teach you so many elements that will help with your development as a person like honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance and courtesy (First Tee 9 core values)

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

We want to be a household brand that is supporting the next generation of golfers. Along with being featured at different events like different PGA Tournaments as a vendor, the PGA Show, ComplexCon,  and CultureCon. 

Facebook & IG: @eastsidegolf  

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