Emily D. Edwards of Emily’s Foods, LLC

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By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

As a kid I was always independent and a self-starter.  This is not my first business.  I ran a successful private practice for 15 years.  This business was rewarding, but deep in my heart I knew something was missing.  During this time, I was on my own journey to clean eating and weight loss and begin to discover that the average individual really did not have a healthy relationship with food.  It was at this point that I knew I could still help people but more from a physical standpoint than mental.  So, again back to my Mississippi humble beginnings.  I always loved cooking, so in 2017, I enrolled in and completed a culinary business incubator class.  I started Emily’s Foods because I could still have the freedom to be creative and control inefficiency as I see it.  In the end, I was inspired by both passion and necessity.  Passion to love what I do and necessity so that I don’t have to work for someone else. 

Why create a vegan product?

Paradise Icing is not just vegan; it is plant based, keto and allergen friendly and tastefully wholesome.  Consumers love sweets, but they want pleasure, nostalgia and nutrition.  Research shows that consumers claim to be eating 2.5 snacks a day and 45% are looking for healthier snacks.  They want their snacks to supply nutritional benefits rather than empty calories.  Energy, satiety and focus are lifestyle ingredients.  Adding Paradise Icing to your daily diet not only gives the consumer lifestyle ingredients, but the excitement of being able to satisfy their guilty pleasure without ruining their waste line. 

Emily D. Edwards

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Loneliness, Brand Awareness, Marketing and gaining more traction in the market.

What makes your product unique?

It is the only plant based icing with pea protein powder. It is has multiple functions meaning it can be used as an icing, a dip or creamer for your coffee. 

Where can your product be purchased?

At our e-commerce store.  www.emilysfoods.com

What advice do you have for other women who desire to be an entrepreneur?

Pray, don’t be afraid to ask for help, be focused, be aware of your emotions, take time for self care, surround yourself with positive people, be willing to help other women, network and most of all believe totally in your dream. 

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?

Products being sold on a national level, partner with other brands and the end goal for a major brand to acquire Paradise Icing.

Tell us about your education.
BA Psychology from University of Memphis, Graduated May 1997
MSW (Master Social Work) Indiana University Northwest, Graduated May 2003 Certification in EQI, Emotional Intelligence

Emily’s Foods, LLC Paradise Icing is the product and a subsidiary of Emily’s Foods

Paradise Plant Based Protein Icing is gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free, dairy free, dye free, nut free & allergen free. This delicacy that can be paired with your favorite snacks & desserts.

Paradise Icing is suitable for diabetics and those with food allergies and for those on plant based diets as well as for people struggling with blood sugar imbalance. Here’s the Fun part! Paradise Icing doesn’t taste like cardboard and there is no throat catch that is usually experienced from plant based protein powder.



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