D.A. Wilson – Founder & CEO of Magnate Sports Management

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By Taroue Brooks

As Founder & CEO of Magnate Sports Management, D.A. Wilson brings a wide-ranging academic, professional, and athletic background to the sports industry.  D.A.’s education includes a Master of Science in Sports Administration, Juris Doctor with a focus on business & corporate law, and an LL.M. (advanced law degree) in Taxation.  Prior to law school, D.A. spent over seven years working in personal & business finance.  D.A. is a successful entrepreneur and the Founder & Managing Attorney of a Metro Atlanta, Georgia based law firm, The Wilson Firm, LLC.  The bulk of D.A.’s legal representation includes for-profit businesses, non-profit businesses, and taxpayers before the IRS.  D.A. also played Division II basketball at a Historically Black University, Albany State University, and understands first-hand the challenges of balancing life, academics, and sports.

Because of his eclectic background, D.A. speaks multiple languages of business and seamlessly communicates with accountants, athletes, front office personnel, financial advisors, bankers, insurance professionals, sports agents, and lawyers.  D.A.’s training, experience, and professional network make him an ideal business manager and advisor for athletes.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I believe my desire to become an entrepreneur was inspired by (or
out of) necessity.  There were things I wanted to accomplish
professionally and no one gave me an opportunity to do what I wanted
to do. So, instead of settling for a less fulfilling career, I created
my own.

Tell us about your education.
 I have what I consider to be a very eclectic business education
background.  Most notably, I have a masters in Sports Administration,
which is basically an MBA with a sports industry focus, a Juris Doctor
with a focus on business & commercial law, and an LL.M. (advanced law
degree) in Taxation with a focus on business tax.  Also, although it’s
not classroom education, prior to law school, I spent seven years
working in finance (personal and business).  As a result of my
education and professional background, I speak four business languages
fluently (finance, administration, law, and tax).

Tell us about Magnate Sports Management.
Magnate Sports Management redefines the business manager role in
the sports industry by providing comprehensive corporate structuring &
executive services to aspiring, current, and former professional
athletes. In short, we represent athletes in a true and much needed
CEO capacity. It is our core belief that the modern athlete is not
just an athlete but a walking business and, therefore, must be
organized and advised accordingly.  Our name, Magnate, embodies the
vision that every athlete should aspire to achieve mogul status in
their off-the-field business life. Unlike our competition, we do not
outsource any of our services. Magnate Sports Management is a
one-stop-shop that has the expertise and training to provide every
service we offer in house.

What kind of impact would you like Magnate Sports Management to have in the community?
Ultimately, I would like to do some grass root business and finance
workshops for youth athletes and their families.  Magnate is here to
address business and financial literacy problems in sports, which is
largely African American populated.

How do you feel people are handling the cancelation of so many sporting events due to the pandemic?
I think it was the right decision to postpone and/or cancel sports
until we get a handle on this virus.  I’m not a doctor and don’t
pretend to play one on TV so I rely on the medical community for these

Where would you like your business to be in the next five years?
As crazy as it sounds, I don’t have a number for where I want my
business to be in five years.  I personally believe that you can set
arbitrary goals that hold you back.  For example, if I say I want to
represent 20 athletes in five years what if it’s in God’s plans for me
to represent 50?  Then I would be selling myself short.  That said, I
believe Magnate can be the best in the world at what we do in five
years.  What those numbers look like, I have no idea.

Website: www.magnatesportsmanagement.com

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