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True story. I’ve heard from more people than I can realistically count, who tried a vegan diet after watching the documentary “What the Health” but couldn’t stick to it. Not exactly breaking news, but the stories followed me to the internet.

Several members of the Final 15 Community on Facebook also complained of being tired, having little or poor energy levels, and being unable to stick to a diet and for a variety of other reasons. What most people didn’t know was how to balance the nutrients on this diet for best results.

So on this week’s podcast, I’m giving it to you straight, no chaser: the foods you need to eat and the supplements you need to take if you choose to go the vegan route. Plus I’m answering your questions.

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  • Do you have a weight-loss, nutrition or emotional eating challenge and would like my help?
  • Have you started a vegan diet and got stuck? I’d like to hear from you.
  • Have you tried the Keto diet and dropped off?
  • Do you consider yourself vegan or vegetarian but eat an occasional piece of chicken or fish?
  • Do you finish the food on other people’s plates? Eat or feel hungry when you’re full? We want to hear from you.
  • Have you conquered a weight-loss, emotional eating or insomnia challenge and want to share your story?
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