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  1. Story Pitch: “Black-owned diverse and inclusive investment club aims to teach financial literacy and build assets through group stock market investing.”

    My name is Sarah, I am the Director of Marketing for Trillionaire Investors League, a black owned stock market investment club that was founded in Portland, Oregon. Recently, I have received so much interest from black people wanting to learn how to invest and build assets for their future that I am making an effort to reach as many platforms as I can to share our resources. We have been dubbed as the beginners stock market investment club but our structure is designed for all skill levels. Our club is for people who want to support a black owned business, learn how to navigate the stock market and take advantage of group buying power. Here is more information about our club:
    TIL was founded in December 2019 by Amber Witherspoon. Amber graduated from Eastern Washington University and has five years of financial education experience. Now, she is the CEO of TIL.
    We currently have 50 members in two clubs across the US and our goal is to reach 200 clubs! That would be 5,000 members from diverse backgrounds taking advantage of major group buying power.
    So far, our members are official owners of Nike, Berkshire Hathaway, Teledoc, Zoom Video Communications and more!

    Here is a detailed video that explains more about our growing club!

    TIL Website:

    TIL Social Media:
    Instagram: https
    I would love to connect with you and let you know any more information you may need so we can spread the word about this exciting club!

    Also, let us know how we can support you! Thank you

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