An Interview With Artist John Glover


By Staff

How did you begin creating art?
It’s very difficult to determine a specific time when I started creating art. I have always been creative. In early childhood schooling I remember drawings in my notebook in classes. Oftentimes I have gotten in trouble for it. The teacher’s we’re not accepting drawings has a part of my note taking process. My ability to create is not something I just do. It’s who I am.

What gave you the courage to become an artist in such a competitive industry?
I think the competition is not among artists. It’s among the viewers. I can see how a competitive artist sometimes get creative blocks and start duplicating their work. I do this for the love.

Tell us about your style of art.
I call the style of work I do Vida artwork. It’s the simple idea that the work is about life and humanity. Exposing the viewer to the similarities that humans have that make us one. There are two concepts that I am using currently to develop my work. Those concepts are called, contain abstract, and elevation of the mind (or the elevation work)

What inspires your creations?
If I had to say anything inspired me, it would be simply life itself. Just observing different aspects of life and trying to translate that into a visual composition.

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship?
The most challenging thing without entrepreneurship is funding. Things such as finding the right grants, residency, visibility and also relationships with galleries

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?
I think that I’ve reached a certain point in my ability where the work that I do should be on a bigger stage. So in the next 5 years my goal is to increase my sales volume and get my work acquired by major art collections. And develop a national, and international market for my work and myself as an artist.


Born as the son of a pastor in Augusta, Georgia. John Glover, the only boy amongst six sisters, started drawing from an early age. John was considered a gifted artist early on by teachers and the community, so he moved to Atlanta in the 90’s to attend art school.

John has held multiple solos exhibits and participated on many renowned galleries across the South. With works expanding from the American Women Series to The Elevated Mind, John is not limited by any one medium. His work gives him the freedom to express social, psychological, spiritual, and sometimes political subjects in his compositions. These aspects are often not obvious and part of complex layered treatments that delight the audience through curiosity and discovery.

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