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Tell us about your company.

Urban Arts Collective (UAC) is a Dallas based organization that uses art to engage the voice of black and brown communities. For 14 years, Urban Arts Collective has used theater, music, dance, visual and literary arts to engage local, national, and international communities. UAC is committed to cultivating the talent of emerging artists, providing platforms for career artists and celebrating the work of established artists from the African American and LatinX perspective. Under the Collectives’ umbrella include Urban Arts Center, Urban Arts Magazine, Urban Arts Institute, Urban Films and DFW Black Arts.

What has your experience been like leading your non profit?

Leading a non profit has grown me in ways I never thought possible. I’ve improved my communication skills and being clear in expectations. I’m continually learning the value of managing interpersonal relationships. I’m leaning into asking for donations, sponsorships, in kind giving and all things financial. Honestly, this has been my biggest struggle. I’ve always worked hard and earned everything I’ve received. I’ve just had to change the narrative in my head because we work hard daily and we do earn everything we receive.

Why should corporations want to support your organization?

Urban Art Collective meets an arts gap that is wide in our community. The arts and arts education has been stripped from many schools. Quality out of school programming is often seen as only for the wealthy. UAC provides access to art and arts classes to those who otherwise would be excluded.


Tell us about your upcoming festivals/events.

The Urban Arts Festival is a 3 day celebration of music, theater, film/tv and art. Black and Brown artists from across the world will come to Dallas to showcase their work and join in the celebration. The festival is a place where artists of the global majority can see themselves, be themselves and create in community.

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What does success look like for you?

Success is a moving target for me. Each production/project/season has it’s own definition of success. I do know that watching a new singer find their voice or hearing the applause at the end of a production or seeing someone smile as they flip through our magazine warms my heart and lets me know we are on the right path.

To date, what has been your most proud moment in your life.

This summer we produced a tribute to Duke Ellington at the AT&T Performing Arts Center with a 17 piece jazz orchestra, 5 singers, 3 dancers and 2 actors. To watch all of the hard work, sweat and tears come to life on that stage was an extremely proud moment.

How do you navigate in such a competitive industry?

I am a connector by nature. I love to pair like minded people together and I love to introduce people who can benefit from each other. That is how I navigate this industry. I don’t believe in me, my and I. I believe there is room for all of us to eat. We can have the same audience and they will come to you on Saturday and us on Sunday.

Where would you like to see the organization in the next five years?

In five years Urban Art Center will be a national name known for our dynamic productions, exciting arts education and innovative professional training program. We will be a model for arts institutions around the country.

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Web site https://www.urbanartsonline.com/

About Jiles

Bio & Experience

Jiles King is an accomplished theater, television and film director and producer. He is the publisher of the quarterly Urban Arts Magazine and founder ofDFWBlackArts.com. With DFW Black Arts, he created and executive produces the annual Irma P. Hall Black Theatre Awards and UnityFest Dallas, a free 2 day community empowerment event. DFW Black Arts holds arts workshops for youth and adults in underserved communities. In 2013, he returned from New York City to serve as the first Chief Executive Director for The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) in Dallas, TX. At TBAAL, he had the opportunity to work with a plethora of artists including the late Ruby Dee, Diahann Carol, Debbi Morgan, Fantasia, Ledisi, Loretta Divine, Malik Yoba and Malcolm Jamal Warner. Some of his favorite projects include associate producer of A Night with Ruby Deeat the world famous Apollo Theater, associate producer of the Tony Award winning Negro Ensemble Theater’s The Monkey of My Back starring Debbi Morgan and director of production for the 2017 Riverfront Jazz Festival.

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