2021 Washington, D.C. Auto Show TV Special Hosted by Kimatni Rawlins of Automotive Rhythms

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By Kimatni Rawlins

The Washington, D.C. Auto Show aired a 30-minute television special across three NBC/Telemundo-owned and operated networks in the region recently. The segmented featured exciting new vehicles from seven automakers including Acura, General Motors, Hyundai, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, and Volvo. The program was hosted by Kimatni Rawlins, founder of Automotive Rhythms and executive producer of ARtv. Automotive Rhythms has been a longtime partner of The Washington, D.C. Auto Show, producing the popular ART-of-Motion exhibit.

About Automotive Rhythms


To educate consumers on the various dynamics that comprise the automotive industry and its corresponding products, technologies and accessories, while strategizing with top tier brands interested in broadening their market approach.


To deliver a seamless communications network between automotive corporations and their buyers by commingling education of the industry with in-market experience while staying abreast of impactful trends and industry innovations.


Automotive Rhythms (AR) is a multi-national lifestyle firm that blends evaluations of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs, and bikes around music, sports, fashion, travel, and technology. Consisting of Internet, print, radio, network TV, online video, and event properties, AR serves as a multi-media and marketing gateway for receiving real-time data and information on new rides, car shows, vehicle technology, green energy projects, customization, motorsports, celebrity profiles, and auto lifestyle experiences. AR’s fundamental media tool is a line of insightful columns and videos that speak to consumers in their respective voices from a uniquely social perspective. The reader-friendly reviews reach millions on a monthly basis, while simultaneously offering value in expanding and niche communities, which ultimately creates new opportunities for auto companies. Automotive Rhythms continues to set the bar for how consumers interact with developing technologies across the board. We are second to none because of our unique ability to profile any brand in several fashions simultaneously. We are The Urban Automotive Experience!

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