An Interview with Derrick Rutledge about his new skincare brand


By Staff

How did your love affair with the beauty industry and makeup begin?

I am old school.  I use to watch the famous Old Hollywood movies and I would dream myself away to the places that the movies depicted.  They were always beautiful places with beautifully people who were beautifully dressed and; I wanted to be there too…..Truth is I still do…

What made you want to launch the Derrick Rutledge brand?

Well actually I had concocted some of the products that I will be launching soon, for my marquis clients for more than 30 years.  I made it for them because often I was dealing with issues that we could not afford to be seen on film as in movies on in the media anywhere else so  coupled with my own problem and  sensitive skin I would work with chemists, naturalists and dermatologists on how to remedy these issues….and  I’ve been perfecting and tweaking and tweaking these products for decades……But now given our environment everybody needs as much help as they can get, so I work on sourcing good ingredients and finding a way to make price reasonable. 

What is the name of your most recent product — oil — you launched?

Aura Glow Serum.  Aura is probably the most vital product of all my skin products, because its working to help the skin retain if not regain its suppleness and resolve the problems of the skin.

What led you to the discovery of the essential ingredients for your oil?

Actually, there is not just one essential ingredient in Aura.  It is the combination of stand-alone ingredients that combined address very complicated problems of the skin if the regimen is kept up.  Folks are impressed how they feel and begin to see a difference in such a short period of time; but it’s because of the combination of the key ingredients that renders that.

What are the things that make it stand apart/above from the others?

If you look at the key ingredients you will find one sometimes two of the ingredients in the very high end skin care lines.  Lines that charge as $300 and up for an ounce.  But my product has at least 6 key ingredients that are in the formulation.  They are not sprinkled in nor a dash is in there; rather they are substantial and upon application the skin of anybody will react to its richness of nutrients.

Tell us a bit about your formulation.

It is all natural no fillers or fluff ingredients. Everything in my formulation came to work on you! And to make a better healthier looking you.

Who is the product ideal for?

I know it will sound cliché ; but it really deals with so many skin types and skin conditions that not only will this be ideal for women but ideal for men too; but it can address issues that you are not even aware that you have.

What trends do you see happening in the organic/natural beauty space generally?

The education of the consumer is important. Consumers should inquire and ask more questions about products that they are applying.  The good news is that they are and the result will be that fluff lines will go away or get better and products will be force to become better and more competitive.  At the end of the day that is a good thing!

What are your top tips for people to have a more organic, sustainable skincare routine?

Keep doing what you are doing; just know that science too has its place in your wellness, health and beauty.

What keeps you inspired?

I am inspired by creativity wherever and however I see it.  I may not always agree or even like it; But creativity is the mother of innovation and that should be inspirational to us all.

What is the best beauty advice you can offer to clients who wear face masks?

Keep it up; most mask do not know when to stop extracting…..So moisturize yourself well soon thereafter.

Where can we find your oil?  

I do believe there will be some Day Spas and Salons that may also be carrying it in your area to.

What are your plans for expansion of your brand in 2022 and beyond?

Teaching Coaching and educating more product usage. Proper cosmetic techniques.  Healthy habits that bring about desired results.  Mind you I too, am a work in progress so I am on the journey too.

How can salons and spas reach you to speak about stocking/procurement?

There is a contact information on my website for Spas and Salons that wish to carry the line.  My reps will respond timely to them

DRAF | Derrick Rutledge About Face is the brand of professional, celebrity make-up artist Derrick Rutledge. Derrick Rutledge has painted the faces of some of world’s most famous women including former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Chaka Kahn and is the current celebrity make-up artist to one of the most influential women in the world by the name of media mogul OPRAH Winfrey.