Candas Nichole CEO of Afrocentials Hair and Skin care products


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

-Well as a kid you play house and pretend who or what you’ll aspire to be. I was always the business owner. The store everyone shopped at was mine etc. I always just knew it was what I would do. I pay close attention to detail and I usually see it in my mind before I do something. Being a Virgo which makes me a perfectionist I always know how to put things together and how it should flow for the betterment of the business. Im an organizer, planner, creator… I can also carry out the plan, but I love creating it. I do things with passion and not just for myself but also to empower others. When I see a need I like to see what I can create to fix it. 

Tell us about your company.

-Afrocentials is Hair and Skin care beauty brand that’s hand made with love and the cleanest ingredients. I started Afrocentials because I felt that there was something missing in Haircare that myself, my daughter and my clients lacked. Caring for our hair has become complicated and more of a trend than simple and to the point the way it used to be. It’s no longer truly about healthy real hair anymore. You can still wear weaves, wigs and chemicals and still care about the integrity of your hair underneath it all and that’s what Afrocentials is all about. Helping women, men and children even, heal their crowns physically, mentally and emotionally. Because when your hair is in the healthiest state possible then you start to feel good mentally about yourself which is a huge boost for your esteem which then heals you emotionally. And when you feel good inside and out, it empowers you to live your best life and live on purpose!

What separates your products from the others in such a competitive industry?

-Well for one the integrity of the ingredients. Choosing the best over cost sets Afrocentials apart. Also, I make everything from scratch so I know exactly what each ingredient is and how it works for not only my customers but also the environment. There are no gimmicks and not being done to be apart of a trend. I’m a Master Cosmetologist and have been working with people and their hair for over 16 years to truly know how the hair works and what it responds to. Afrocentials is bigger than just making money, there is real healing that needs to be done across the world and when the energy behind anything is done with the best and honest intentions it shows and the results speak for itself. My products are great and they work but what ultimately sets it apart is me! I am the sauce, and my integrity, intentions and ability to create magic is unmatched!!!

What has been the most memorable comment have you received from a client?

-“Good morning! 

Okay, so first impression……I LOVE IT!
MY styling technique has to be perfected lol, but as far as the products…..with just one use, my hair feels softer, my curls POP, and it doesn’t feel too oily or sticky, and OMG the shine…..ALL of the things that I stressed were important to me! I cannot wait to see what happens in the long run! Thank you so much for a great product; and, equally important, the personal attention you provided just for me!”  This is her comment copy and paste. I’ve kept this comment because she was skeptical because nothing else has worked and because it along with all of the others is why I do what I do and with passion and love!!

What advice would you give someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur?

-Just do it!!! The fact that it’s on your heart means you should go through with it. Don’t wait until everything is perfect because there is no such thing, you’llbe waiting forever! Lol! Start with what you have. Build and perfect things along the way!

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

-I see Afrocentials doing well both on line and in big box retailers and in homes all across the world! I’d even like an Afrocentials School of Cosmetology to be in the making if not already established


My name is Candas Nichole, I’m from St. Louis, MO and I graduated from North Tech with my Cosmetology license. Hair has always been a love of mine! I started styling my hair, family and friends hair while in the 6th grade. I knew at an early age that I would be in the beauty industry. I love all things beauty which is why I decided to be a Cosmetologist instead of focusing on one area of beauty. I remember saying as a kid that I would have my own hair care line like Madam CJ Walker but what I didn’t know is that I would be making and producing my own products just like she did! I now have over 15 plus years of hair care experience and my hair care line is Afrocentials, where all things are natural, mixed and whipped by hand! Before Afrocentials, I was forced to use other peoples ideas of what hair care is, but now I’m so excited to be able to reach my clients and all other consumers in a new way with products designed and researched with my daughter, myself and you in mind! 

I’m all about healthy hair whether it’s long, short, natural or chemically treated. It is the lack of healthy hair and a need for healthier products that I decided to take caring for hair, all over the world, to the next level! Over the 2019 holiday season I decided to offer these cute little mugs as promotional merchandise to promote my hair care but they quickly blossomed into much more. Kind of a business of their own!! 

Afrocentials isn’t just for women, these products, mugs included, are good for men as well!! I look forward to taking this journey towards healthy hair with you and I’m excited that Afrocentials will help get us there!


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