Fashion Fairy Godmother, Designer, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker Lenese Calleea


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 
I would say that I was born with leadership skills and a love for creating things, which undoubtedly makes for an entrepreneur. I had my own business in the 7th grade making    custom pillows after learning to sew from my grandmother. My grandmother always made things for people, she inspired me to be resourceful and to create my own opportunities.

Tell us about your company.
I own 4 businesses and a nonprofit.

LC Apparel Consulting was birthed as a resource for emerging creators in order to expand product-development knowledge. This goal is achieved via a blend of consult services & educational offerings. LC Apparel Consulting takes joy in educating clients, thereby empowering them to bring their Fashion Dreams to LIFE. In addition to product development consults, we offer production services, courses, mentorship packages, workshops and New York garment district tours.  

Calleea Vatein is the embodiment of bold modern-day Jammers, Jumpsuits & Jackets. Eclectic patterns, vibrant shades, and vivacious shapes organically propel CV to the penthouse suite of fashion. CV personifies effortless style, fun, and femine expression. Our brand manifests the beauty of women who set trends, push past barriers, and create new worlds.  7 Jackets. 7 Jumpsuits. 7 Jammers. You are a Victorious Woman 7 Days a Week.  

The BlackNFashion podcast is a forum dedicated to the education, mentorship, and development of Blacks in fashion, from the novice to the professional; this includes designers, stylists, merchandisers, boutique owners, and many other Black Creatives. The BNF podcast is built on two foundational beliefs. The first is the essential push toward entrepreneurship for all who are called or inspired. The second is our commitment to consistently promote and support Black Businesses, in order to keep The Black Dollar in The Black Community.

The BGDC is a non profit organization dedicated to providing mentorship, scholarships, and an array of creative resources to Black youth with a fashion bug!  

What inspired your designs?
What inspires my designs in multifaceted women that need functionality, comfort and convertibility in their wardrobe that makes them feel confident with effortless effort.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your entrepreneurial journey?
Building capital and growing a loyal, trustworthy and dependable team. What advice would you give someone who seeks to be an entrepreneur? To become a student of their business and learn every aspect of their business because when you first start and even into your first couple of years you will be wearing all the hats.

Where can people purchase your merchandise?

Where would you like your company to be in the next five years?
I would like to expand my consulting agency into Atlanta and Chicago. I would like to see my CV brand in the media, red carpets and television. 

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World-renowned designer Lenese Calleea, known to the world as the Fashion Fairy Godmother, is on a journey……..

Despite being 30 years young, Lenese Calleea has accumulated 2 decades of expertise in fashion, design, and garment creation. Calleea has evolved from a young skilled seamstress and adolescent entrepreneur, to an industry expert, consultant, and budding Creative mogul.

Calleea relocated to New York in the winter of 2013, after completing her Today, Calleea is the creator and curator of BlackNFashion podcast, a medium dedicated to the growth & enhancement of Black designers, merchandisers, stylists & their subsequent entrepreneurship.

Calleea also lends her knowledge to the next generation of designers via her class, Fashion Dreams to LIFE, which covers the life of design from production to pricing.

Calleea also hosts New York Garment District tours, operates an independent fashion consulting business, and continues to be a resource to designers at varying degrees of the journey. Calleea is an advocate for education, unity, and inclusion for Black Creatives, in fashion.

Her new book releasing summer 2020, A Life Designed, BLACK N FASHION, One Woman’s Journey to Finding ….tells a story about……………………………………………….

Bachelor of Fine Arts at her Alma mater,  Columbia College of Chicago. Calleea then attended LIM. where she studied for her Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Merchandising & Management.


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  • Retail Distribution: Brick and Mortar VS.  E-commerce Shopping 

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