Paris Love- Transforming Beautiful Women For Over 27 Years


By Taroue Brooks

Paris Love has been transforming beautiful women for over 27 years. She achieved her fame by specializing in designing natural-looking hair extensions. Her revolutionary installation technique has set her apart due to her proven methodology of growing healthy, natural hair beneath the weave.

       She has now broadened her services by launching a head-to-toe image consulting business – Wow Factor! Paris’ agency not only meets the hairstyling needs of its clients, but extends to fashion, make-up, and overall beautiful living – inside and out through positive affirmations. As a style icon in Dallas, her clients enjoy her unique talents through wardrobe, hair, and inspiration.

    Paris does it all; she co-owns Hair Lounge Beauty Salon, runs an image consulting business, cultivates an art studio, and is the author of Embrace Your Wow Factor. Her original artwork is featured throughout Hair Lounge, art exhibits, businesses, and the homes of her clients.

What inspired you to become an author?
 I was inspired to write the book based on my years of experience in the beauty industry as a stylist and also observing amazing women overcoming adversity.

How do you promote your book in the midst of COVID-19?
 I’ve been very blessed to have social media resents with a positive self-love platform. Also have been invited to do some radio and social media interviews.

What would you like your readers to walk away with from your book?
I aim to leave my readers with the narrative that If I can overcome they too can overcome. When you focus on the positive and make that your main objective that’s the thing that will transcend. 

On what platforms is your book available for purchase? Is there an audio book available?
 Embrace Your WOW Factor can be purchase on Amazon and At this time there is not an Audio version available.

What advice would you give someone who seek to write a book?
 I advise anyone writing a book to simply tell their story in their own fashion. Be transparent, tell your truth and express your freedom.

Where do you see your career in the next five years?
At this place and time, I currently live in the moment. My long-term plan is to trust God on this journey to aid others to Embrace their WOW Factor. By way of good vibes and being optimistic. It is our birth right to feel good.

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