Tony Roberts Of Tony’s Barber Studio

By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I began my career at 14 years old, cutting hair on my mothers front porch at 1401 Beatie Ave Atlanta GA. Which is located in SW Atlanta. I had so many clients that the owner of the local barbershop, Mr. Barry Jordan showed up at my mom’s house with a proposal for me to come to work for him and that’s when I knew that GOD had blessed my hands. This is what launched into entrepreneurship!

Men’s grooming has become sophisticated.
How are you maintaining viability? I maintain viability by making sure to pay attention to every detail of the clients experience… From the music which defines the Studios atmosphere, the content of conversation that’s held the Studio, the presentation of our Barber Professionals and of course being sure to greet each person that’s enters our Studio warmly, yet professionally. We provide more than just a haircut… We an experience!

What can someone expect when being serviced at as a client?
All clients are treated with the utmost respect and each client can expect to receive top notch care and attention, from the time that they sit down in the chair, until receiving their hot towel and the end of their service… Also, their schedule and time is paramount to all of our Barber Professionals!

How has social media impacted your business?
Social media has impacted our Studio in plethora of ways… We post our cuts and services as well as post community service type announcements. Social media has also become a funnel for new clients and brings attention to our Studio, both locally and even nationally.

What makes for a good client?
A good client is one that communicates their desired haircut or service very well, but then also listens to the consultation of his or hers Barber Professional.

What type of education is provided to your clients regarding maintaining the care of their hair?
We provide all types of educational suggestions that are tailored  to the specific needs of each client and we will even give product suggestions.

Where would you like to see your business in the next 5 years?
I see Tony’s Barber Studio with its own product line designed for hair and skin care… I’d also like to expand our brand to other cities  nationally.

Tony Roberts
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