An Interview with Actor Alexander Manuel


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

My late friend Karl Davis Jr was the person who introduced me to the craft and was the first person who made me aware of other possibilities for someone like me. So, I fell in love with the idea of chasing Possibilities and creating experiences with others.

Tell us about the series and your role that has you working today.

Sauce is a dramedy that tells a story of a chef who finds himself in the middle of the metoo movement. I play Keeland Fowler the main characters best friend. What I like about the role is Keeland is a bit of everything comedic-relief, confidant, voice of reason and lost and confused. He’s trying to navigate this situation with his friend but is unclear on exactly how to help. 

What type of things do you do to prepare for an audition?

Try and quiet my mind and find what works for me that day to find my way into the character. Sometimes it starts from physical behavior or empathizing with a situation the character is going through and living in that emotion or mindset. Then asking myself where’s the risk in the script. The moment where it’s either going to make it a really good audition or a really bad one either way they’re going to remember me, lol. 

How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry?

By saying to myself “You’ve booked before you’ll book again”. Seeing other actors as co-workers and not competition. Before I booked or auditioned for anything I would just tell myself “Holy shit I can’t believe you’re actually trying to do this; I hope no one calls me in yet”. Just enjoy the experience and people you meet. You’re enriching yourself with every failure and success. 

What type role are you looking forward to playing and why?

That question is a bit harder for me cause I’m not too picky. Right now I’ll just say something that allows me to still look at myself in the mirror after that my family and community can be proud of. I would like to play a lead in something (Dui if you’re reading this) because it looks difficult and I would like to see if I can carry a series whether it’s a drama or comedy.

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years? 

Hopefully still acting just with bigger credits on the resume. With the state of the economy who knows what any of us will be doing in 6 months. Acting is not a get-rich-quick scheme it’s a passion pursuit for the majority of us. So yes pie in the sky I would love to be part of a dope show that goes for 8 seasons but right now I’m just taking mines day to day and enjoying the moments I’ve had and leaving myself open to new ones. 

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Alexander Manuel is a dynamic Dominican-Peruvian American actor based out of New York. Born in Queens and raised in the small town of Brentwood. Alex spent his youth playing basketball and writing music. His admiration of the arts and love for television and film laid the foundation for his pursuit of acting. Alex credits his attendance at a theatre rehearsal of his late friend as the motivation behind his passion. Alex’s formal training includes an array of notable study at HB Studios, Stella Adler’s Studio of Acting, and The Peoples Improv theater along with numerous workshops throughout New York City.

​With impeccable talent and a knack for diversified abilities, Alex is a self-taught Editor and Producer with constant desire to enhance his skill-set, sharpen his acting persona, and self-publish content. Alex is a true believer in the positive influence that creativity and performance can have on our lives. He hopes that he can one day produce notable content that is relatable and timeless with the ability to inspire another to do something great and change the world.

​ In his private life, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, reading, writing, watching sports (basketball, football or boxing) dining out (Pizza, Seafood, anything off a grill) and if the weather permits going to the beach…he aspires to include all of the things he loves into a day’s journey!