William (Khilbhil) Perry The Barber

By Staff

What inspired you to become a barber?

I met a guy named Nate,  he was in the military. He would come cut the kids in the neighborhood hair for free. I was inspired by him.

Tell us about your experience when you were in barber school.

While  attending barber school I had a bootleg barber shop at home. My instructor told me I was good at cutting hair but it was other things like professionalism , dependability, cleanliness  The importance of  consistent,  being punctual, Greeting clients, the importance on how to speak to clients, stamina, posture taking proper breaks. He said I know how to cut hair but these things will make you a great barber.

How has Covid 19 impacted your industry?

COVID-19 impact me greatly and I loved it  rest in peace to all the people that passed away from COVID.  We all lost money and business  That’s a given, but the quality time that I spent with my wife of 24 years and family  it’s something I only dreamed of the time we shared, cooking, playing games, talking ,taking pictures,  karaoke doing TikToks. I loved it  honestly. 

Who have you modeled yourself after in the industry and why?

I’m modeled my business off of Chick-fil-A. Great service. Great product! Great value. Great standards.  I’m off on Sundays too. 

Barbering is such a competitive industry, what are your specialties that separates you from others?

I think the things that separate me is dependability, professionalism, consistency and punctuality.

What are three goals have you set for yourself to enhance your career?

Things I’m working on are finding new ways to enhance my customer service, increasing my knowledge on skin care and keep working on my punctuality and my craft

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?

Becoming a shop owner and letting my daughter diamond Perry manage it  Open her own and then retire ✌️&❤️