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By Taroue Brooks

“Men’s grooming doesn’t start nor stop with a haircut.”

How did you begin your journey as a barber?

I started out as a “shop kid” thanks to my mother and aunt being licensed professionals in the beauty industry I was around hair & nails my entire childhood but never really paying it much mind. I was more concerned with sports and later on after playing basketball in college and finishing my associates degree focusing on business & marketing. I realized I wanted to give barbering a honest attempt while applying the intangibles I gained over the years and relentless work ethic I learned from sports.  

What was it that inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I found entrepreneurship to be inspiring most after my first daughter, That was my motivation to really apply pressure and give 110% not only to my craft but to learning how to better run my business. Also being in a city like Atlanta the culture really is entrepreneurially driven. Majority of my friends and family are entrepreneurs. To be a black owned business in Atlanta is something I take a lot of pride in.

Tell us about your grand opening celebration.
The Official Grand opening for The Yizclusive Experience Men’s grooming Spa was Saturday February 29, last day of black history month and on a leap year so it was definitely special for several different reasons. The event included live music and Dj Zel @zel_ent with a funny and very charismatic host Dandre Lavell @dandre.lavell food provided by Chef Mark Brown @chefmarkbrown and desserts by Tracey Wright @blackdiamondec & a special thank you to our sponsors who contributed gift bags and give aways (listed below) 

•Get SQUIRE @getsquire•The Bailey room @thebaileyroom
•JU fitness @ju_fitness
•Tj smith @smittman10•Barbers Inc TV @barbersinctv
•Cold label @coldlabel
•EyeDope @eyedope.inc
•JD Mosley @therevjd_
•Damarius Bilbo Of Revolution Sports @bilbo8
•Howard Thompkins @treythompkins
•AT&T @att
•Black Diamond Edible Creations @blackdiamondec
•InnoMedicals @innomedicinals 

Also a ribbon cutting ceremony assisted by Atlanta city counsel aid @kelseymaynor. Mini Massages were offered complementary to potential MENbers and guest of the event by TYE massage therapist @massagesbymacPhotos and videos were provided by @adamb_photo @dwaneisthename 

The event went well into the night thanks to the great attractions around the Beacon Atlanta in historic Grant park area and guest were able to walk around enjoy the newly developed incubator for new black owned businesses.

We celebrated the next day at Victory Midtown Church held at The Gathering spot. This was a day of fellowship and appreciation while giving thanks and praise to the God for everything we are embarking with this new business. 

Tell us about the unique aspects or your men’s grooming lounge.(services and environment)
The Yizclusive Experience Mens grooming spa is Atlanta’s premier destination for Full Mens grooming and that doesn’t just stop at a haircut. Owned by 30 year old Entrepreneur, Author, Educator, Yisrael Wright. From listening to clients and seeing there needs it was a no brainer to provide a myriad of necessary service and resources for the betterment of men. We offer: massage, manicure, pedicure, 24 Karat Gold facials, Signature haircut, hot steam shaves, beard treatments, as well as grooming education, classes, events, workshops, and more!We are creating a new norm for what full men’s grooming actually is and what it can become. We will be partnering with local and national brands to push this agenda and create some amazing experiences for our MENbers because we do offer MENberships for those wanting to take full advantage of the spa and the space which includes a VIP lounge. This grooming spa is going to make a major impact and be an significant pillar in the community. 

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?
My business in 5 years will be diverse and expanded beyond just grooming spas but I will for sure have franchised The Yizclusive Experience with locations in all major city’s. Real estate and more investments to set my family and others up for success. More Philanthropy & I’ll have a non profit focused on men’s health and wellness as well as financially literacy and entrepreneurial training. 

How are you keeping a competitive edge in such a popular industry?
My competitive edge really comes from being observant for the solutions the industry needs but not just the beauty/ grooming industry but entrepreneurship as well. Being innovative and creating the new narratives we will become more comfortable and accustom to. I have worked so hard to change my mindset and understand what is now possible for not only myself but others and I’m dedicated in pushing myself to keep my businesses name and mission clear and impactful. 


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