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AALBC Now offers a one-stop-shop for fans of Black literature.

For many, AALBC is a book lovers haven and a collector’s paradise. Johnson says one woman was recently willing to pay $100 for a book by bestselling crime novelist K’wan Foye that would complete her collection. It was out of print, but that didn’t stop Johnson from calling the publisher and then Foye, himself to get the book for a woman he’d never met.That’s the type of service Johnson provides through his full-service eCommerce site, founded in October 1997. And providing a personalized book buying experience to his online guests is one of the reasons, in August, he ended his 18-year relationship with the Amazon Affiliates program.“Readers appreciate that if they discover a book on, it only makes sense to purchase it from us. Their sales help strengthen AALBC, which allows us to bring them more books they are likely to enjoy”The other reason Johnson cut ties with is to keep Black book publishing solvent.“According to published reports, sells nearly 90% of all books sold online. The tech giant is impoverishing the Black Book ecosystem. has its hands in almost every transaction, weakening booksellers and reducing profits for authors and publishers.”Now, if visitors find book information on AALBC, their purchasing power won’t leave via an affiliate link. Instead, they can buy before they bounce. is set up to be the “front end” of the online shopping experience. Consider one of the Top 150 African-American Children’s Books Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o. There, you will find an “Add to Cart” button where readers can add the title to a shopping cart that follows them around the site and persists if they leave the site and come back later.This feature is essential because, with the Amazon links, people clicked the buy link and were sent away from AALBC to Amazon; this lowered the number of books ordered. “Today I get much larger orders as people are buying ten books at a time; they did not do this when I was an Amazon Affiliate.”Currently, sells hardcover, paperback, mass market paperback and board books. Books sell at list price. AALBC collects sales tax on Florida shipments, only. Orders over $40 qualify for free shipping.Visit to find your favorite Bestselling, Award-Winning, New, and Classic Titles.

African American Literature Book Club ( is the oldest, largest, and most visited website featuring books by or about people of African descent. Started in 1997, is a widely recognized source of information about Black authors.Troy Johnson is President, Founder, and Webmaster of

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