From The Mountain Top to the Valley, Dr. Sallie Huggins Meets You Right Where You Are With Her New Book


By: Kymberly Amara

Women are a force to be reckoned with. From maintaining a household to leading the charge on life-changing issues, and lending our talent to corporate America, women, especially Black women, are the glue that continues to bond communities far and wide and bridge gaps everywhere. With all the different hats worn by women, things can grow taxing as we attempt to navigate the challenges and obstacles brought on by life and become the women we were purposed to be.

Some women take up exercise, meditation, or other forms of self-care to help them navigate the daily challenges brought on by life. Having had her fair share of obstacles that included becoming a young mother and financial hardships, mother, wife, educator, and author Sallie Green Huggins, Ph.D., decided to lend her voice to help others by writing a book of inspirational quotes, Golden Nuggets for Everyday Living. Dr. Huggins says, “I grew up in a rural town with nine streets and two avenues…and growing up, I always wanted to do more than what I saw in my community.” With the drive to get out of her community and be successful, Dr. Huggins says her mom pushed her to do better than what she did and she became the first of her nine siblings to obtain her college degree. This allowed her to chart her own path and create her own business.

Dr Sallie Green Huggins, PH.D

The newly minted Ph.D. always knew she wanted to write a book but didn’t know when or how it would come about, “I always had in the back of my mind of writing a book somewhere down the road. But, I never knew how to do it, how to formulate it, or what to do. I never took it too seriously; I just jotted down notes as the Lord would give me things. As the Lord would give me things I would write it down and different experiences, I would write it down.” Given the recent events in society like the pandemic and widespread economic challenges, the book is for everyone from all facets of life. Golden Nuggets for Everyday Living is food for the whole person in that it provides comfort, scriptural references, motivation, tips, and 31 days of strategies. “Everyone can use encouragement, inspiration, and in the time we are living in I really think this book is perfect for a time just as this.”

Clinging to the strength of her mom coupled with her faith, Dr. Huggins was able to overcome many of the obstacles that presented in her life. She also credits her neighbor and second-grade teacher, Ms. Madison, with pushing her to be successful as well and being able to overcome challenges. Sparked by a more recent challenge, Dr. Huggins finally sat down to write the book. She recalls, “My sister— about two years ago I lost my older sister to cancer and prior to that, I would go over to see her and we would talk and I would read different scriptures to her or talk to her about different things and she would say different things to me. One day in our conversation I remember her saying to me, ‘when are you going to write this book, am I going to get to read it?’…and she never got to read it and I ended up dedicating the book to her.” During this timeframe, Dr. Huggins’s mother became ill as well. While her mother stayed with her, she knew she had to take the opportunity to write the book that she had put off. “Knowing that my sister didn’t get to read it, I didn’t want to take the ‘chance of my mom not being able to read it and I knew I had to get it together.

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As a new author, Dr. Huggins has had a mostly positive experience but admits that she has encountered issues getting her book into stores and on platforms such as Amazon. Despite this, she is excited about her new journey as an author and looks forward to changing lives through her book. Dr. Huggins is open to whatever opportunities the Lord presents to her and hopes to go on a book tour to bring her book to a city near you.

As she prepares to go into the next chapter of her life, with Golden Nuggets for Everyday Living, Dr.Huggins hopes to relate to people regardless of where you are in your life journey. The goal is to let people know that through faith, you can really do anything and to offer young women advice and opportunities to do better than she did. With a focus on education, Dr. Huggins continues to share her life experiences and knowledge to help others, especially younger generations rise by meeting them where they are.

Dr. Huggins


Dr. Huggins is the founder of Huggins Professional Development, where she offers Consulting services for Early Childhood. Her vision is to see every child using language and reading on grade level. She is the author of “Golden Nuggets for Everyday Living.” Dr. Huggins is equipped with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a doctorate degree in ministry. Dr. Huggins is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. She’s the proud daughter of Annie pearl Forrest, and a Florida native. She is married to (Michael), and they are the proud parents of three successful adult children: Michael, Jr., Brandon, and Summer. They are also proud grand, and great-grandparents.

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