Girl Secure Yourself: Queens Play Chess-New Book By Tracey T. Cooper


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your latest book.

My latest book is called Girl Secure Yourself. I released it in conjunction with my non-profit organization also named Girl Secure Yourself. It is a coming of age tale of a young woman who has everything that money can buy, along with fame, fortune and name the world loves to hate. She finds herself longing for the things that money can’t buy such as peace of mind and love, in addition to finally finding her true self. My favorite part is that it comes with a very important lesson, which is every woman must first secure herself or else she will always fumble the bag.

What inspired you to become an author?

I have always had a love for literature and writing literally since the first grade, where my fire prevention story was published in our local newspaper. It wasn’t until 9th grade, when I found a copy of Sistah Souljah’s Coldest Winter Ever did I really become inspired. This book had such an impact on me, it kept me glued to each and every page. I knew I wanted to have that impact on readers someday.

How do you empower women of color?

My organization Girl Secure Yourself, daily empowers women of color with encouragement, resources, inspiration and even job opportunities. I strive daily to remind women of color that they are amazing, talented and worthy both through my books and my organizations.

How have you been coping with the changes that Covid-19 has placed on us? What have been some challenges you had to overcome?

I strive to find the good in all things. Honestly, I was a little bored with staying at home. This changed for me when I decided to do something I have been longing to do for three years and that was start The BOLD Agency. Now as I look at Covid-19 I find it to be a blessing. It was literally the time I needed to boss up and make some life changing moves. I was able to find some new authors best-selling novels and to connect to their purpose.

It has been verified that black women are the person most likely to vote. Translation… POWER! Why do you feel that black women are the leading voters in America?

I think that we understand that systemically voting hasn’t always been a privilege that we have had because they’ve feared the power of our vote. In our current climate, we as black women don’t have any other choice but to lead the way and ensure that our voices are heard not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors and those who did not have the opportunity to vote.

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?

In the next five years, I would like to see my writing move from the pages of my books to the big screen and possibly win a film award. I also would like to see my non-profit as a global organization, because after all every girl has got to secure herself.

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Book Excerpt

Nadira Sy’Mone, the mogul and business woman the world has come to adore, began last season with some turbulence. Lies and betrayal led her to an infamous court appearance that ultimately changed her life. She bet it all for love, but quickly found that her lover was betting against her.

Luckily, all things worked in her favor, as her unknown DNA is on her side. Now, acquainted with the family she’s never known, she buckles up for a wild ride. Not only is this family rooted in faith, they also have heavy mob ties.

Not everyone that shares her DNA is working in her favor however, there is a snake in the midst and he will stop at nothing to save himself. Painful past secrets are revealed and enemies resurface, leaving the mogul wondering what she’s ever done to deserve all this.

An old flame arrives on the scene to put everything back into perspective, but not without setting the city ablaze and conquering anything that stands in the way of their happiness. In this tale; the Million Dollar Baby goes from playing checkers to chess. Nadira quickly learns the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. The King may have come to grant her a happily ever after, but every girl must first, secure herself.