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What inspired you to become an author? 
Becoming an author was never a dream or anything I planned to do, I had no interest in being an author. It all started off as a fluke and that’s exactly what I mean. I am always talking about sex or teaching somebody about a position or something of the sort. Long story short, an old classmate from high school told me that I needed to start a blog, giving sex advice, I said no in the beginning but decided to do with the encouragement of my other half. Little did I know publishing housing look at blogs, and one reached out to me to turn my blog into a book. After saying no for about 3 months I decided to say after yet again after talking to my other half, and here we are, 2 books later and a brand.
Tell us about your book. 
Well the best way to explain it, it’s my sexual autobiography telling almost every little juicy detail of my sex life, things that I tried, things that I think everyone should try if they have not tried. The first book is a sneak peek, that is more so my introduction to the readers and volume 2, what can I say, but it’s how I became, it’s more detailed, more descriptive, more let me tell you what I did 

What does success look like for you regarding your book? 
The success that I see is having my book turned into a HBO, Prime, or Netflix limited series, is the best way that can describe it, oh yeah I would love for it to be a New York Times bestseller of course.
Why do you think sex has been such a repressed topic in America? 
Our grandparents. They didn’t really have anyone to really explain sex to them, so it’s like those are the type of things that you don’t talk about not even with your husband, it was just something that you were expected to do. So, since they didn’t talk about it, or know how to talk about it, it was just never discussed. Which is why a-lot of things were passed down, you don’t talk about it
How can you motivate people to become more open to the topic of sex?
Continue what I’m doing having open and honest conversations about it. Letting people know that’s it’s ok, having couples understand that everyone’s sexual experience is different and to not judge the other person just listen and communicate
Where would you like to see your career in the next five years? 
In five years, I want to be on a platform speaking to not only women but men as well, giving classes to couples, having open discussions, doing workshops, continue to write my books, I do believe that since they are real life that people would be able to relate more to them

About Jade’s Desire

Jade’s Desire is a Real Life Erotica author, certified Sexologist that gives real life examples of how to when it comes to sex, life in the bedroom and spicing up your sex life. Jade’s Desire makes sure that everything she does is above reproach and carried with dignity and respect, Jade makes sure that as much fun as sex is it’s also safe with teaching how important it is not only for safe words but for open communication and dialogue as well when it comes to the topic of sex

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