Sharon Kimbrough author of “How Far Is A Mighty Long Way?”


By Staff

What inspired you to become an author in such a competitive market?

I started writing this book years ago – a little at a time.  Then came the Pandemic.  The Pandemic gave me so much time.  The Lord said to me, “The time is now for you to birth your baby.”  I didn’t even consider the competitive market.  I was following the lead of God.  “How Far is a Mighty Long Way?” is God’s book and I’m grateful that he gave it to me to write.

What do you hope that people take away from your journey via your book?

I want the reader to feel the love of God throughout the journey.  I want people to know that God never leaves you no matter what you’re going through.  When I discovered the scripture Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future, ” I was relieved knowing that I was living out God’s plan.  Even though I foolishly thought I was living out my plan.  This scripture set me straight and blessed me.

Tell us about your book.
“How Far is a Mighty Long Way?” is my memoir.  My memoir chronicles my spiritual and professional growth.  It is my testimony.  The book is meant to inspire the reader knowing that God will see you through all of the storms of life, and if you keep the Faith, He will order your steps.  I have titled each chapter a Mile.  At the end of each Mile, I tell you the Lessons that I learned from that Mile.  Those lessons helped me to grow.  In the book, there are sad moments that may make you cry and there are moments that will make you chuckle.  Just like life, it’s filled with some ups and downs.  But, in the end, I am victorious and grateful.  The book includes family photos.

What has been the most difficult thing you had to overcome?

The most difficult thing I had to overcome was the loss of my only sibling, a sister, and my parents by the time I was twelve years old. My sister died when I was 5, my father when I was 8 and my mother when I was twelve.  I was blessed to have a maternal grandmother who was a Christian.  I lived with her before and after the death of my mother, my last surviving family member.  My grandmother assured me that she and God would take care of me.   I believed it, and they did.  My grandmother was loving and encouraging. It is because of her that I know what real love feels like.  Love feels like her strong hands rubbing my chest with vapor rub when I woke up coughing during the night.  I learned that Love is an action word.

me (on the right), my sister and my mother

What does success look like for you?

I would be ecstatic if this book would be made into a movie for the world to see and be encouraged by my testimony. I pray that I would get a chance to do some traveling to discuss the book and the movie. I think the movie would play well on the Hallmark channel.   I wish that I could make enough money to share with some of my family members who have less than I do. 

As a woman of faith, how do you allow your gifts to be used?

I like to write, so I’m in charge of the Drama Ministry at my church.   As a woman of faith, I use my gifts to write and direct plays for my church.  Of course, the plays have a Christian theme and gives me an opportunity to interact with the other church members by getting them involved in acting in the plays.  I always make sure that we have fun while we’re performing. The congregation seems to enjoy the plays.


Kimbrough is a writer and an award-winning producer who started her advertising career as a Creative Secretary in 1974 with Burrell Communications Group.  As the company grew, Kimbrough worked her way up the corporate ladder to Senior Vice President/Director of Broadcast Production Services and Executive Producer.  She produced countless TV and radio commercials for many blue-chip clients and worked with several celebrities.  

Kimbrough won first place at the Orlando Urban Film Festival for the short film, Raggedy Man, that she produced with longtime industry friends.   Most recently, she served as Assistant Producer on a documentary entitled Burrell:  Advertising Revolution which highlights Tom Burrell and the positive impact his agency had on advertising targeted to the African American community.  The documentary aired on PBS.

Kimbrough is a Christian and an active member of her church, Murchison-Isom Temple CME where, Rev. Dr. Karen Walker-McClure is the pastor.  At her church, she serves as Director of Creative Arts, a steward, and an usher. 

Kimbrough lives in Chicago, Illinois and is the proud mother of Crystal and proud grandmother of Tiffany and Ean.