An Interview with Actor Alfred Woodley


What inspired you to become an actor? 
My inspiration of wanting to be an actor happened when I was introduced to Broadway plays in the 6th grade. I enjoyed singing and acting but I was a terrible dancer (still am)

What type of training / classes have you taken and why?
I trained in scene study at HB studios in NYC and at Ivanna Chubbucks in Los Angeles because raw talent can only take you so far without technique.

Tell us about some of your projects that you are working on these days?.
Presently I’m working on a sitcom project that is in production as of this writing as well as a National commercial for Rocket Mortgage. 

Share details of your passion for writing in the entertainment world?
I’m a do it yourselfer type and writing to create roles for myself and others is always a passion project for me. 

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry
I can honestly say that keeping a positive mental state keeps me motivated to go on even in the lowest of times. I find sitting out on the Pacific does my mind and spirit a lot of good.

What advice would you give someone who seeks to become an actor?
First learn the business, then take classes and learn a technique. I’m of the Meisner discipline. Save lots of money, know how to live within your means, and know going in that nobody really cares about you wanting to become an actor (including Family)

What would you like your career to be like in the next five years?
I’d like to be a series regular earning a strong robust number per episode with my name attached as lead and creator.


Alfred Woodley, is the eldest of four siblings, born on New Year’s day and raised in New York City (Harlem) He attended the Roberto Clemente School of the Arts where he participated in vocal music and Drama.  After leaving high school he attended CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He then decided  to serve his City by joining  the New York City Department of Correction where he worked as a Correction Officer at the infamous Rikers Island. Alfred fondly refers to that experience as a great role because the experience gave him maximum power to draw from as an actor. After serving a decade of service to his beloved City of New York, the young man was West-coast bound to Los Angeles where his professional career in the entertainment industry became reality. Alfred has appeared in television, film, commercial and voice over projects. Plug in and connect as the journey continues.