An Interview With Actor and Model Gregg Hillhouse


By Staff

Tell us about your first modeling gig experience. 

My first modeling gig was for JC Penny within college. I was referred by a friend and I modeled for a “Back to school Runway.” A small print shoot. 

What inspired you to seek modeling as a career?

Modeling initially peaked my interest after I viewed the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Thought to myself if I worked hard I could do this. Remain ready–I have always prided myself on maintaining a strong masculine frame–physical form. The fitness industry 

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of the entertainment industry?

I have realized that you just have to remain consistent. Much like anything else however, I am a hard worker so I find it difficult at times to relinquish my current day-job. Sometimes, you meet at the crossroads and decide how badly you want this? Are you willing to go all the way in … 

What do you feel are your unique qualities as a model?

I am very versatile. I provide multiple “looks” styles and have a personality that is second to none. I hate to be presumptuous but I bring value to the table. Respectfully, I am aware of this much. I am a student of the game above all else.

What advice would you give someone who seeks to become a model?

I believe it is important to understand that you must maintain composure. Things are not likely to just appear overnight. That BIG role that you have longed for will require work, time and balance. Stay the course. Sometimes you must follow in order to lead. Continue to learn and ask questions. Place yourself with like minded individuals of value.

What other career goals do you have?

I have aspirations of acting. Acting in various capacities as well as learning production and directing. Furthermore, Runway modeling and traveling the world over.Be pictured within magazines. GQ! “Sexiest Man of the Year.” 

Tell us about your favorite photo of yourself and why it is the favorite.

Many come to mind. Initially, I harken back to photos from my youth. On horseback with a Cowboy hat (My mothers favorite image of me). Professional photos taken of myself, twin sister and siblings.

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?

Within the next five years I see myself as an established actor. An acute businessman with the ability to master multiple trades. The entertainment industry and business ventures. I am ready to go all in now and take my place at the top!

I am Gregg Hillhouse. I am a college graduate residing in Los Angeles.
I am an actor, model. My focus is Commercial, Print Modeling, Theatrical representation and Digital. 
-Height: 6’2 (187 cm)

-Waist: 34″ (86 cm)

-Shoe: 12 (28.6 cm)