An Interview with Actor Victor Anderson


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

Growing up in public housing there wasn’t much for kids to do in my area other then play sports or get into trouble. There was a theatre very well respected in my town called Oddfellows Playhouse which is a performing arts theatre. They offered programs to the kids in projects and public housing and my older brother Trevor joined and he did a excellent job in being an actor in these awesome plays that the town would come and see and support. So watching him really gave me inspiration that I can be a part of this and excel the way he did. We ended up doing a big time play called Across the River and sure enough he and I were the lead roles and I’ll cherish that for the rest of my life. He gave me the inspiration to challenge myself and give something a try and I ended up loving it.

How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry?

To me motivation comes and goes, I am so driven to succeed that my drive fuels me. I want to make my daughter London so proud of me one day in being something great so that pushes me to never get down on myself and stay positive that something good will come from all the hardships and all of the hard work and fighting through adversity.

Making my hometown Middletown proud and the state of Connecticut pushes me to keep going and wanting more. I want kids to believe they can do anything and be anything they want to be with faith and dedication to something they dream of or desire.

What is your process when auditioning?

I have to have a good nights sleep and eat a nice light breakfast in the morning. To get my mind right I always watch two morning shows (Undisputed & ESPN First Take) just to get my mind going and my energy high because sports have played a huge factor in my life and my focus. Then depending the audition and what it’s for I’ll lock in and read over what I need to do and what the casting wants to see. I’ll focus and go over my steps and how I want to walk into the room with confidence and belief in myself.

What is it that determines whether you will accept a project?

The first things I look for or my agents look for is if I fit the project first. Am I the right fit to be sent out and is this something ideal, then secondly would be the pay scale and rates. Does this make sense and is this fair pay for the work. I grew up in public housing so I look at this stuff as blessings and something I’ve dreamed of.

What is the ideal role for you and why?

I believe I am very versatile when it comes to roles. I have the athletic side where I can play any sports person or be on any show or movie because I am fit and athletic and highly skilled in basketball. I’m very good with people and naturally a good talker. Another side to me is I majored in Criminology in College and I always wanted to be a detective growing up. I used to watch Law & Order SVU and detective Stabler was my guy so I always thought I could play a role like him where I’m the good looking guy in the suit calling the shots. So any role where I can be the good looking guy who can talk and use his improv I feel I can excel.

What are your workout regimens to keep you fit?

For my cardio it’s straight basketball and sprints on the turf field! Growing up I played basketball all through middle school up to college until I was hurt and had to have back surgery. I use basketball as a mental tool for me to keep my sanity and release any stress I have. I’ve been big on Calisthenics and doing push-ups, dips, pull ups and a lot of core exercises to keep me going and keep me strong.

Where would you like to see your career in five years?

I hope in 5 years I can look back on 2020 and see how much I’ve grown as a man, father and person. I see myself as an established respectable actor hopefully on a reoccurring role on a TV show or feature film. I see myself really making my hometown proud and family, helping the community and doing what I can to help the next kid make it out.