In Interview with Actor Patrick Faucette


By Taroue Brooks

How did you get started being an actor?

I was a musician first. I’ve been playing the Bass Guitar since I was about 10 years old. I was in a lot of bands when I was in High school but I stopped playing in college. I went to Boston University on a football scholarship. After I graduated, I moved out to San Francisco and was living with a bunch of friends who were actors. They convinced me to do a play with them and that’s when I fell in love with acting. I started taking classes and doing theater. Then I up and moved to LA. “And the rest is history.”

What has been your favorite role and why?
My favorite role has to be Tony Watson from Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. It was my first time playing the Villain, which is fun in it’s own right. Since I was on the show for 3 seasons I really got a chance to develop Tony and go on this journey with him. I went from concerned dad, trying to be a part of his son’s life, to heartless deadbeat dad trying to kill his son. That was a fun ride. 

What type of training/coaching do you engage to maintain your competitive edge in the industry?
I belong to an actor’s group that meets every week to work on scenes, go over auditions, do selftapes, and just work those acting muscles. I also get some coaching when I have big auditions.

What advice do you have for someone who seeks to work in the entertainment industry?
My advice is to take classes, learn your craft, network and build relationships with other actors and directors through doing theater and short films. And that will lead to bigger opportunities better resumes, better agents and managers.Just make sure you have a good support group of actors that support and help each other through the process and the struggle. It’s a tough business.

What are some of your rituals before an audition?
If I’ve never seen the show, I’ll try to watch some clips or an episode of it so I can get the tone of the show (comedy, drama, etc…) Then I’ll read the audition sides a bunch of times trying to answer all those actor questions, the Who’s what’s, where’s, what do I want, how I feel about the other person; all that good actor stuff. Then I’ll record the lines of the other people in the scene so I can rehearse my lines and learn them. If I can run my lines with another actor, that helps a lot, but sometimes you don’t have that luxury if you get the sides the night before. If I have more time, I’ll try to meet with a coach or another actor to work on it and see what I’m missing or what I can add or get a little more detailed. That’s pretty much my process.

If you had to have a different career, what would it be and why?
Well, I’m also a Physical Therapist. So when I’m not acting, I’m helping people recover from injuries, which is pretty rewarding in itself.

How are you managing things during this pandemic?
Wow! This is crazy! I’ve just been home with the family. I try to schedule my day so I don’t get caught up watching the news all day. I’ve been taking some classes on line. Richard Lawson has a lot of great classes to take. I try to stay busy. I go running with my son and we work out in the backyard. I try not to stress about it because I know the whole world is in the same boat. I just pray and hope things will go back to normal afterwards and hopefully something good will come out of it. Maybe bring the world closer together after all that social distancing

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Originally from Willingboro, New Jersey, performing has always been in the forefront of Patrick’s interests. He began his career with his first love: music, playing the bass guitar in several bands before graduating from Cinnaminson High School. Patrick also loved to perform on the field he is a talented athlete and attended Boston University on a football scholarship where he majored in Physical Therapy. After graduating from college, Patrick moved to San Francisco and quickly was employed as a Physical Therapist. Under the influence of his roommates, and the love of performing, Patrick soon began his acting career in local theaters, commercials and print advertisements. He loved the idea of bringing characters to life and decided to move to Los Angeles to seriously pursue his new passion. Since then, Patrick has acquired notable film and television credits like: Walk Hard, “The Office,” “Southland,” “G.L.O.W.,” and “Leathal Weapon.” Patrick Faucette’s “break through role” was in OWN’s highest rated drama “The Have’s and the Have Nots.” Written and directed by Tyler Perry; Patrick plays the role of Tony Watson, the long lost father of Benny Young (Tyler Lepley). His character creates quite a stir in the lives of the “have nots” with his renewed interest in the life of his son and his need for a Kidney.