Legendary Actress Holly Robinson Peete opens up about her latest role in Hallmark Media’s “The Journey Ahead”

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By Jessica L. Dupree

Life is who you love and who loves you back

NAACP Image Award-winning actress Holly Robinson Peete (Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, For Your Love, 21 Jump Street) is back – this time with a story about two women who develop an unlikely bond while navigating the scenic route of a road trip from Hollywood, California to New York City. “This movie is definitely different … you don’t expect to learn things from people who haven’t lived as long as you have,” Robinson-Peete shared in the film’s trailer.

In her latest role, Madeline (Robinson Peete) quickly realizes that she has no meaningful relationships as she begins to take inventory of her life. After a string of bad luck, she hires her assistant’s friend to drive her from Los Angeles to New York City for an urgent medical appointment. The film co-stars Kaylee Bryant and follows their trail down an emotional path through mountains and rivers. Even nature would speak to them from the still waters that suddenly grew into rapid turbulence to the mud-stained water formed in the shape of a heart.

The only thing that was clear was that they would need to brace themselves for turbulence and prepare their hearts for new experiences that lie ahead of them. 

As they travel across the country, the pair would make unexpected stops and meet people who reminded them that no matter how much they guarded their hearts, deep inside they still wanted to experience love and fulfill their dreams no matter what age they were. The road trip proves to be the respite she [Madeline] needs the most – one of peace, rejuvenation, and renewal. 

The new friends would struggle to find the voice within themselves that they silenced for so long and the word simplicity took on a whole new meaning. Their unusual pairing ends up providing the support and unconditional friendship that they both need to help them through their journey. They would learn that in order to create the future they both want, they cannot run from their past. 

With vibrant pink, yellow, and red roses blooming around a wooden green bench nestled along a gardenia, Madeline reflected on her parent’s relationship with her younger friend. Engraved on a metal plate the words “…dedicated to their enduring love for each other,” stood out like bold letters but the illumination took place only in her mind’s eye.  

She would share the heartfelt words of wisdom that her late mother planted in her soul. “Life is who you love and who loves you back,” she said. “It’s kind of terrifying to look up at my age and realize there’s no one in your life that fits that description

The legendary actress sat down with Heart & Soul to discuss her latest film project The Journey Ahead, her work as a pioneering actress and producer for Hallmark Media’s Movies and Mysteries, and much more. 

This film has so many wonderful themes that range from love to facing your past and pursuing your dreams. Which theme resonates the most with you and why? 

The theme that resonates with me most in The Journey Ahead is the theme of continuing to evolve on your journey in life. Just because you reach a certain age or milestone doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn or that it’s too late to explore opportunities to pivot your trajectory in life. Also the idea of resolving issues based on choices you’ve made really resonates with me especially as it pertains to relationships.

In the film, there is a powerful quote that you share with your co-star, “Life is about who you love and who loves you back.” Do you agree with this ‘wisdom’ in real life? Why or Why not? And What does it mean to you personally? 

I think I do agree with Madeline’s wisdom. Every day you hear a story about someone on their deathbed and they never talk about their Birkin bags or how many houses or money they have! They always talk about who they love and how they wish they spent more time with them.

What are your thoughts on women bonding in real life through road trips, without a cell phone (Lol)? Share the importance of women and friendship in a post-pandemic world. 

My dream is to go on a road trip with my best friend Terry. Just explore the outdoors and see the country and talk and laugh and listen to music. I’m not sure how I would do without my phone however if I’m being honest! I just cherish my relationship with her because even though we’re two grown women when we’re around each other we’re like little girls. We still have so much to explore together especially now that I’m on the precipice of being an empty nester and she does not have any kids! 

Find out about all of the surprises and drama that unfolds along the way as this film hits Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel on Sunday, August 14th, 2022 at 9/8 pm c.

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