Queen Sugar Star Timon Kyle Durrett

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By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

The things that inspired me to become an actor were action and sci-fi movies.  “First Blood” and “The Terminator” are two of my favorites, to this day.  I would tell my family, “That’s gonna be me one day.”  I would watch them over and over, imagining that I was the action hero, or the unstoppable villain.  I still do.  The kid in me lives strong.  

What do you look for in accepting a role?

I like to know who the Director and the DP (Director of Photography) are.  They’re very key in making the magic happen.  Also, a well-written script with a compelling plot draws me in.  If a script keeps me turning the pages and paints a vivid picture for me, I’m interested.

How do you handle the pressures of Hollywood?

I don’t really view the things that come with my career as “pressure.”  However, some aspects can tire me out a bit.  Sometimes you have to give a lot in this industry, more than many may realize.  So, I make sure to find peaceful and quiet times to/for myself to recoup, reflect, then reignite.  You have to take that time to recharge your battery.  Burnout is a real thing.

What advice do you have for someone who desires to become an actor?

My first bit advice to aspiring actors – as cliché as it may sound – is to follow your mind, heart and gut.  It’s very important to pay attention to what all three are telling you.  If all three are on the same page, you’re headed in the right direction.  Secondly, you have to know who you are, from the start.  Never compromise that.  There is a place for your truest self.  Either you will find it, or it will find you.  Third, no matter how hard things get, or how impossible your dreams may seem, Keep Going.

What is your process in staying so physically fit?

One cannot out exercise a poor diet.  What we put in our bodies will determine how our bodies look, feel and function.  I’m not saying you have to be 100% strict with it all. I indulge in my fair sure of guilty pleasures, too.  If I’m in the mood for it, a nice big piece of chocolate cake ain’t got a chance.  But with both diet and exercise it takes balance, discipline, and consistency.  Without that trilogy, you will not get the desired results.  Period.

How do you handle being a sexy symbol?

A sex symbol?  Me?  I wish y’all could see me laughing right now.  I’ve never considered myself as such.  I guess I receive a decent amount of attention when I’m out and about.  But I’m primarily a homebody, or I’m busy working on set or on my personal projects.  So I don’t get the sex symbol energy that much because I’m not around a lot of people that often.  But I really appreciate the compliments and love that I do get.  It’s humbling and energizing.  Thanks, Y’all! 

What other projects do you have on your radar?

I’m currently filming a new original romantic comedy series from writer/director Patricia Cuffie-Jones called “Stuck With You.”  It will star Tammy Townsend (“Love Is_,” “K.C. Undercover”) and myself as Candace and Luvell, an unhappily married celebrity couple that struggles with being the face of #relationshipgoals in the spotlight, while living two separate lives behind closed doors.  I’m having a lot of fun on this one.  Can’t wait for folks to see it. 

Tell us something that most don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that I’m a HUGE nerd and information chowhound.  I will listen to lectures and interviews, or sit and watch documentaries on all sorts of topics for hours on end.  I love to learn.  Love, Love, Love It!!  I’m also an adrenaline junky.  Rollercoasters, whitewater rafting, obstacle courses, zip lining, the list goes on.  I think I was a super hero in my former life.  I’m laughing even harder now.  Again, that’s the kid in me.

Timon Kyle Durrett

Share with us details of your other entrepreneurial ventures.

Aside from acting, I’m writing a sci-fi novel.  It calls for a good amount of research, fact checking and creativity.  I love it because that’s how my nerdy brain works.  So, that’s got a tight hold of my entrepreneurial spirit.

Where would you like to see your career in the next five year?

In five years, or less, I’ll be producing an animated adaptation of my sci-fi novel.  Man, the outlandish story, the engrossing imagery, the white knuckle pace, the gut wrenching sequences of event.  I can see it all, literally.  I get chills just thinking about.  Yup.  In five years, or less, that good, meaty, nerdy stuff is happening.


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