An Interview with Will Walters: Founder and CEO of Monarch Magazine


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to create Monarch Magazine?

Will Walters

Growing up in a small town, I did not see much variation, in thought or way of life.

So, media played a huge role as a way to experience various cultures & lifestyles. Through that exploration, the limited amount of Black publications, and limited Black faces, in different places stood out. So, when I was blessed to have an opportunity to enter into the world of media,

I choose to focus on lifestyle, in the hopes to add to the narrative that we are not a monolithic people and we participate within all ranges of culture.

My goal is to produce material that. places no boundaries on who Black people are or what we can become.

How have has Covid-19 impacted the publications?

Will Walters

 Well, let’s say I am happy that we are coming out of it (lol)

It was challenging, for all but I am very thankful to God, that some of our brands stayed with us. So, we were able to weather the storm. However, the good that came out Covid-19. It challenged us to think outside the box, actually simplified production with everyone embracing the virtual experience. We moved faster and launched two additional brand extensions within that period.

Our podcast, VanGuard Nation “: The Voice of Black Excellence” and our virtual cooking tutorial Culinary & Conversations: The Art Of Nutrition Designed For Wellness Of Mind, Body & Spirit

Culinary & Conversation, Featuring: Diane Wallace Booker

Tell us about Kings in the Kitchen.

Will Walters

Kings In The Kitchen, A 3-day series designed to focus on the role of the Black Father, as well as the responsibility and bond of African American men. In each episode, Fathers express their approach to parenting, careers, and skills they apply to navigate negative biases, stereotypes & systemic racism.

Series airs June 17, 18, 19 2021 | 6:00 pm EST -3:00pm PST

Can be. seen:



CEOS OF No Limit Entertainment and P. Miller Enterprises, Actors, Rappers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Filmmakers, Producers & Philanthropists.



Black Father & Family Bond

The Importance Of Financial Literacy

Black Ownership

Creating Generational Wealth


Actor & director, best known for his role “Douda” on the hit showtime series the Chi.



Black Fatherhood

Methods To Navigate Police Violence & Black On Black Violence

Normalizing The Lens Of Black Men Through Cinema

The Importance Of Increasing Black Faces In Front & Behind The Camera


Grammy Nominated R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter & Actor



Black Fatherhood                                                                                                   

A Single Father Raising A Daughter

Balancing Family & Career

Tell us about your corporate/organization partners for Kings in the Kitchen.

Will Walters

I am proud to have Procter & Gamble as the corporate partner for Kings In The Kitchen. It’s great to work with a company that is willing to acknowledge the value Black American’s bring to the marketplace.  An understand how our issues are ignored and opposed to Procter & Gamble simply making an arbitrary donation or run the risk of creating a campaign that does. not speak to the culture.

They were willing to take a back seat and partner with those who are from the culture and understand the culture take the lead in what style of messaging should be presented to the culture.  Procter & Gamble, efforts to place resources towards increasing the lens of African American men, showcases their understanding that systemic racism is real

An one way to combat that is beginning with increasing positive images of Black men.

How do you feel that Black men are viewed in America?

Will Walters

Black men in America have been fighting an uphill battle from the beginning. We have been the victim of America’s social experiment. And media was one of the tactic’s used to justify American slavery. Which had a global impact that still affects us to this day.

The lens that Black Men are seen in and view themselves within is so limited and marginalized, that it has created a divisiveness and stagnation within our culture.

Which is why, it’s imperative that we utilize platforms such as Kings In The Kitchen to showcase the diversity of Black Men.

What can people expect in the future from you media empire?

Will Walters

Thank you for asking, we have a lot in the works, Percy Miller and myself are gearing up the launch of A New marketing agency focusing on people of color, in addition to a scripted series “Behind The Cover” which will chronicle the day-to-day operations of a magazine. Along with an HBCU interactive tour, speaking to the students, faculty and local community leaders about the importance of finances, health and education. 

So, there is a lot in the pipeline.  I would like to thank you for having me, and all that you do to improve and enrich Black culture.
Take Care.

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