When God Remains Anonymous: Dr. Cindy Trimm reflects on God’s silence during the greatest test of her life.

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By Jessica L. Dupree

The clear blue ocean waters, beautiful fauna, and pink sand beaches were a stark contrast to the surrounding aesthetics in her home. Growing up on the island of Bermuda, human development specialist and thought leader Cindy Trimm’s humble beginnings are a testimony of the resilience of the human spirit.   She grew up in a home filled with love but void of amenities and luxuries. Her family relied on the benevolence of organizations such as the Salvation Army – they ran out of everything, including food and water. For young Cindy, the growling in her stomach was eclipsed by the growing awareness of the purpose for which she was born and the innate potential she possessed to become a catalyst of change and a voice of empowerment that brings hope and inspires greatness in people who bring goodness to the world.  But even abject poverty didn’t stop her from dreaming and fulfilling her mission to use her mind, skills, and abilities to push humanity forward.  In her words, she emphatically and optimistically quips, “I see a world filled with visionaries, dreamers, innovators, and history-makers who push humanity forward and who influence others to do the same.”

Dr. Cindy Trimm
Photos courtesy of Dr. Cindy Trimm 

She recalls looking out of the window and staring into the clear blue skies as a young child.  Reading books was her favorite pastime activity because it helped her to dream bigger.  She was always imaginative and in her mind’s eye she could see herself dancing like a ballerina – it was what she wanted more than anything. But living in a single-parent household where there was more month and mouths than money, her mother couldn’t stretch the dollar – not even until the end of the month. She knew that in asking for ballerina lessons she would be asking to add another item to an already impossible budget.

Young Cindy would have to reach on the inside of herself and figure out how she would pay for ballet and in reaching she found what she now calls ‘a zone of genius.’ – where a spark of inspiration birthed out of great need turned me into an entrepreneur.  “I started my first business at eight years old, and I’ve been a business owner ever since.” The accomplished author, speaker, and advocate now has an understanding of how people can find the inner strength to overcome problems, challenges and evolve in the process to become a better version of themselves.

Reflecting on what she now considers the greatest test of her life, she tells Heart & Soul “This is when God remained anonymous. And to know that there are things that He allows and things that He interrupts, yet it does not make Him less than God.” Dr. Trimm explains that “those silent portions of my life when I couldn’t trace him were those common moments that became destiny-altering moments; moments most take for granted. In particular, when I realized that me, being born in abject poverty, wasn’t a curse, it was a blessing because it brought out the amazing gift of potential – a gift every human being possesses.  “I always re-affirm my greatness by telling myself every day, that the next version of myself, must be the next best version of myself.” I think back at the period of great lack and poverty with gratitude because it summoned something deeper on the inside of me and that was my potential.”

When asked about the time in her life when God as the teacher was silent, while she as the student took the test, a quote from Albert Einstein comes to her mind ‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.’ Dr. Trimm tells Heart & Soul, “I look back at those moments and understood that this is the narrative that I have control over. It wasn’t just about what my mother and father didn’t do or my mother did, it was about what I was doing and how in this huge, big equation called life, every element of my life would work together for my good.  God is the biggest economist; nothing about our lives is ever wasted.  It’s from our broken pieces that we truly get to discover potential and purpose. My discovery happened in a school called life, where life itself became my laboratory.  Some of my strategies were like a bad mixture of chemicals – they blew up in my face. But the strategies that I managed to put together that worked were not just a test to find out what was wrong with me, it was a test to expose and find out what was right with me.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

She continues, “It was a test to expose my gifts and grit, my identity and intentions, my passion and purpose, and to help me find my zone of genius. My zone of genius was right there in the zone of poverty – where innovation and creativity were tantamount to survival.”

By the time she was 30, she was already a senator of the Island of Bermuda. Dr. Trimm says, “The silence of God became the tool of God and the catalyst that I needed to connect with my greatness. And that was my lesson, it wasn’t in a miracle, it was when I found out that I was the miracle and that I’ve been winning since the day I was conceived.”

Known for empowering others to see that they are the one person that can make a difference, Dr. Trimm hopes to become one of the shoulders the next generation of leaders, visionaries, and influencers stand on.  “I tell everybody I can,” she said, “the day you were conceived, you beat 1/2 a million other people (sperm). You beat them to the finish line and won.  If you could accomplish that feat, without a fully developed brain, eyes, feet, or hands imagine what you are capable of doing as a fully developed human being!  You were born winning!  You are wired never to lose in life; you only lose if you participate in the deception that somehow something is wrong with you. All perceptions of loss are exactly that – a perception, and even that is self-imposed.”  Dream big and then wake up every day and put your feet to your dreams.  Trust God, but most importantly, trust who God made you.   Everything will be gain for you, all things do work together for good. You are not a victim of circumstance, you are not a coincidence, and you are not an accident. Your life does have meaning and you are here for a purpose,” says Dr. Trimm.

“Life is God’s gift to you and how you live your life is your gift back to Him and the world. All you have to do is show up as the authentic you!”

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