After Three Rewarding Decades As A Public Servant The Pandemic Lead Me To My New Career As a Real Estate Professional


By Staff

What inspired you to create a second career?

 For three decades, I’ve spent my career as a public servant working with children and families in the government and nonprofit sectors. This work can be extremely rewarding and positively impacts young lives. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, forged lasting friendships, made a positive impact in our communities, realized tremendous success and worked at the executive levels of state government for better than ten years. However, the Coronavirus Pandemic was the catalyst for me setting out to follow a dream years in the making. As the world came to a virtual standstill and gave way to pause, I pondered next steps and God’s divine plan for my life. The pandemic forced me into stillness so I could hear God’s voice and embrace what I innately knew was my calling. In retrospect, I’m confident the pandemic forced many of us to face our darkest realities and embrace life’s greatest possibilities. From fear, uncertainty and a global crisis arose a Realtor, so now I have a dual career. My future has never seemed brighter and filled with more promise.

Why did you become a real estate agent?

My pursuit to become a real estate professional is a dream differed. I recall as a teen how I had an unquenchable thirst for architecture, home interior design and real estate. I vividly recall being about 16 years old and sneaking into open houses to walk around and take in how the homes were laid out, designed and staged. I also enjoyed art; and spent copious amounts of time conceptualizing and sketching home floor plans. I’d come up with these elaborate renderings of what I envisioned as magnificent estates; all with the hope of one day bringing my concepts to life. When I wasn’t sketching plans, I’d spend my allowance purchasing home magazines with exclusive floor plan content.  Over the years, that passion evolved into a fixation in real estate, and a desire to assist clients in meeting their goals in the real estate market. Whether you want to list a property, purchasing the home of your dreams, or secure a property for the purpose of investing, my job is to help you effortlessly navigate through that process in a way that will best meet your desired outcome.

Tell us what people should be able to expect when working with a real estate agent?

My job as your agent is simple; I’m here to actively listen to what you want as my client, and then to tailor my support and services to your specific needs. My job is to negotiate the best deal for each of my clients. I’m here to provide each client with the information and resources needed to sell or purchase the home of your dreams in a way that is most beneficial to you as my client. My number one goal is to provide you with impeccable customer service and represent your best interests throughout the transaction to make the process as stress free and seamless as possible.

What advice do you have for others who have a passion to change careers?

Making the decision to transition to a new career or having a dual career can evoke tremendous anxiety and may pose some challenges. I believe it’s critical to understand your motivation for wanting to make the change, as well as the benefits and challenges of doing so. I feel it’s important to be sure you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons. Have a clear vision and plan of how you intent to make the transition with as few hiccups as possible; try to perceive every possibility. Make sure to pace yourself and methodically think through each step of the process. Leave no stone unturned. Pray and seek divine guidance. Do your research with the intent of discovering your passion, and when clear on what your passion is, pursue it. Don’t allow anything or anyone to deter you from meeting your goal. At the end of the day, you must be exacting about what you want and be resolute in achieving it. Run towards your fear and face it head on. Even when in doubt, always speak the affirmative, “I can and I will.”

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

Over the years I’ve been inspired by so many successful entrepreneurs. Some known the world over, others not so much. However, each has been extraordinarily instrumental in inspiring me to build my own independent brand. I realized when I embarked on the journey of starting my own business, it wouldn’t be easy.  Even after considering all it would take to get my business off the ground and running, I’m still not quite sure I imagined how much time and innovation it would take. This labor of love is definitely a marathon. Timing and listening to God’s voice as He speaks into my spirit is paramount to the true long-term growth and success of my business. While real estate is my passion, it is but the cornerstone from which all other things will eventually evolve. In five years I see myself well on my way to having an established lifestyle brand, with real estate sales as the foundation upon which the entire brand is built. Interior design, fine living, leisure, cuisine, and travel will round everything out. All things are possible if only you BELIEVE; and I do!

Sean C. Hamilton


Sean C. Hamilton is a native of New Orleans, LA.  Hamilton earned both Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from Southern University at New Orleans.  For the past three  decades, he as worked in government and the non profit sectors in Louisiana, New York, Nebraska, Washington, DC and Georgia.  

This new chapter as a real estate agent is a dream deferred.   As a teenager, Sean would frequent as many open houses as he could.  His interest in architecture and design are part of his fiber.  Having read numerous publications about real estate,  homes design and architecture  created a desire like no other. Hamilton infuses his knowledge and passion to help clients find the perfect investment, a new home. Today, Sean is a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners – Perimeter East.

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