Brandon McGhee is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist who founded Cre8te Technology, a tech company founded on diversity and inclusion


By Taroue Brooks

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I knew that I was meant to be an entrepreneur at an early age. I was always creative and wanted to march to the beat of my own drum. More than anything, I’ve always wanted to have a huge impact on society and help people be the best version of themselves. God gave me an innovative idea in 2018, and I kept hitting roadblocks that made it difficult for me to bring that idea to life. Once I found my way, I knew I was supposed to help other creatives do the same! 

What ar your companies products or services?

My company Cre8te Technology is a tech company founded on diversity and inclusion, with the ability to bring any idea to life. From software, to mobile applications, to robotics, and even artificial intelligence. If you can think of it, we can produce it!  Everyone who uses technology, has something to contribute towards the field. Those contributions come together organically to create something larger than ourselves. We are committed to changing the narrative in this industry, and our limitation is your imagination! 

How has the covid-19 pandemic affected your company?

Although the pandemic had a negative impact on a lot of businesses, it was the opposite for me. The pandemic actually catapulted my business to the next level! Due to so many businesses having to transition their day to day operations to work from home positions and rely heavily on technology, it allowed our clientele to expand in terms of software development and programming. It also sparked a different level of creativity in people. We really received an influx of ideas from people of all age groups who had begun working from home and wanted to make the transition easier, so they brought innovative ideas to the table; and others who had ideas and dreams that they never thought were possible, until the pandemic hit and they saw how heavily society relies on and will continue to rely on technology. So all in all the pandemic has been great to our company.

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

The advice I would give someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur is to never give up on yourself and your dreams, even in the times when it seems like you’re the only one who believes! Also, surround yourself with like minded people. Get a mentor in the field you’re looking to go into. Stay grounded and focused. Remember health is wealth. Ultimately, embrace the journey and live in all moments, because they will be part of your legacy. 

If you had to choose just one of the apps you created which would it be ?

I really love all of the apps we have created thus far, because they’ve all brought something different to the table. However, if I just had to choose one, I would have to say my favorite app would be an app called Lab Tab, because I was able to fuse my love of music and technology together to create something amazing for creatives! I’m big on expanding room and opportunity for creative minds, so that was a fun project to be part of. 

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

In the next five years I see my business as a $1 billion company, one of the cornerstones in the technology industry, and definitely a household name! Cre8te Technology will be known for bringing some of the most innovative and world-changing ideas to life! We will be changing the narrative in this industry! 


Creativity has always been a leading force in Mr. McGhee’s life. It is in fact one of his God given talents. He has always been known to stay up late at night, thinking about and plotting out the “next big thing”. From childhood into adulthood, Brandon has brought forth innovative ideas to enhance the businesses and projects of those around him, in addition to his own endeavors.

Being the son of two Pastors, faith has played a major role in his success. He has seen how holding steadfast to his faith and beliefs have taken him to the next level. Mr. McGhee aspires to continue encouraging individuals with dreams, similar to his to do the same. Being able to believe in yourself, your dreams, and having the tenacity to go after them, against all odds is a must in his book! It was this belief alone that drove him towards the technology field.

An innovative idea led Mr. McGhee to start Cre8te Technology in 2018, on the basis of offering like-minded creative individuals with ideas, the opportunity to bring them to life. Cre8te was started to give inventors access to every resource necessary to bring their ideas out of their minds and into their hands. With the help of his team of engineers, they’re able to take an idea from concept to market, bridging the gap between the two. His motto for the company is “Our only limitation, is your imagination”.

With that motto driving him forward daily, Brandon McGhee is looking forward to making an impact on not only the technology industry, but ultimately the world!