Businessman and Entrepreneur Brandon McGhee Merges Creativity and Tech-saavy With New Line of Luggage


By: Kymberly Amara

Having the capability to work from anywhere is essential, and living out of a suitcase can be hectic for those who are catching flights and jet-setting across the globe. No matter the airline or location, ensuring your luggage is the right size and fit for you is of the utmost importance. But what about functionality? Businessman and Co-founder of Omnia Enterprises Brandon Mcghee has designed an innovative carry-on for travelers looking for something practical and easy to use. Heart&Soul recently spoke with McGhee on his latest innovation and its incredible features, entrepreneurship, and his creative process.

McGhee, who also founded Cre8te Technology, got the idea for this innovative luggage after his client had the idea to put a cupholder on the suitcase handle. Through Cre8te Technology, McGhee and his team help clients bring ingenious ideas to life. From mobile apps to original inventions, Cre8te Technology serves as a one-stop-shop for individuals that need help with marketing, prototype, and even the patent process. Cre8te has helped over 100 clients and counting.

So just how functional is the new carry-on suitcase by Omnia Luggage? McGhee shares, “It’s a suitcase that has awesome features. You can pull a tray table out of your suitcase, and while at the gate, you can eat on your tray table. If you want to do work you can put your computer on your tray table and work. We also have a flask that comes out of the suitcase. You hit a button that pops up out of the suitcase, and you don’t have to worry about holding your coffee or anything. You can drink it and put it back in your suitcase. We have a charging port on the side so you can charge your phone, the smart wheels, and the TSA lock.” The features of this carry-on suitcase are beyond impressive and have positioned Omnia Luggage to take travel to the next level. It’s also important to note that the luggage’s dimensions are appropriate for all airlines, which is very important as it can be costly to pay for luggage depending on the airline carrier.

McGhee is no stranger to the business world and credits his time in the music industry with helping him think outside the box and have the confidence to walk into a room and ask for what he needs, which is vital in the tech space. As such, McGhee came into the tech space with a keen sense of what it takes to bring an idea to market. But before transitioning, he says he felt a void after deciding to vacate his previous post as a music producer. “I wanted to fill that same void because when I was creating music and producing for artists, I was feeding that void for creating. [After changing industries] I thought, how can I implement this train of thought into the tech world.” This was when the lightbulb went off for McGhee, and he had the idea to help others develop their ideas.

The self-proclaimed entrepreneur got his start in tech while living in Chicago and being mentored by and studying under a tech-billionaire for years. McGhee amassed much knowledge about the tech space while learning under his mentor and felt he was ready to start his own venture. After sharing his goals with his mentor, he was given ten of his mentor’s employees to begin his new journey. This gesture was the perfect launching pad for McGhee, who now had 10 of the most brilliant minds in tech working for him. He has since relocated his headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada, and helped countless businesses build out their ideas, such as developing mobile apps and helping with website and graphic design.

After contributing so much to others, McGhee says they wanted to try and create something in-house, which is how the Omnia Cre8te Signature Carry-on was born. McGhee is undoubtedly passionate about bringing diverse and innovative ideas to life. He and his team also plan to develop a larger piece that will boast a built-in scale that lets the traveler know if their bag is over 50 lbs. Over the next five years, McGhee hopes to host massive events that he coins “tech think parks” where various organizations and individuals can network, learn, and share their knowledge. Beyond Cre8te Technology, he also uses his platform to serve as an example to other young Black men by showing them that they can succeed in tech and STEM-related fields.

McGhee’s leadership style can be attributed to his upbringing in the church, where he worked in various capacities and learned to do different tasks. That experience was invaluable because not only did he understand the importance of knowing how to do every job, but he learned how to lead from an unbiased point of view. With a vision to help lead the charge, especially for Black people in tech, McGhee hopes to continue breaking barriers and bringing diversity into different spaces. He fully embraces the challenges and the journey and is well-equipped to take things to the next level.

To learn more about Omnia’s new technology luggage, please visit You can pre-order now to be one of the first to get your hands on this new and innovative travel piece.

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