Celebrity Real Estate Agent Monique Winans talks building generational wealth at the Micheaux Film Festival

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By Jessica Dupree

Celebrity real estate agent Monique Winans dropped knowledge on the red carpet of the Micheaux Film Festival in Hollywood this weekend, where legendary filmmaker Robert Townsend was honored with the Oscar Micheaux Trailblazer of Excellence Award. Winans joined over 180 filmmakers and creatives who shared stories and celebrated diverse representation in television and film.

Winans, known known for her passion, expertise, and knowledge in residential and commercial real estate, is passionate about helping people make the best financial and real-estate decisions while navigating through the most important areas of their lives

“I work hard, knock on doors, and make calls to help my clients get the results that they desire,” Winans told Heart & Soul.

Winans spoke with Heart & Soul on the red carpet of the Micheaux Film Festival and provided gems about her journey and generational wealth, which can be used to fund future creative projects.

Q. Tell us about your journey becoming a celebrity real estate agent.

It’s been a wonderful journey, I enjoy real estate, I love it! I eat, sleep and live real estate – it’s been quite an experience and I wouldn’t do anything different.

Q. During the pandemic and these unprecedented times that we are in right now, If you could give advice to people out there who are going to be buying homes post pandemic, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to people?

Well, my first piece of advice if you’re looking to buy a home is don’t wait post pandemic because during the pandemic it was hot and continues to be hot. If you wait long the prices are going to be even higher than they were when you were thinking about it initially so don’t wait post pandemic. People are treating it like it’s not a pandemic at all when it comes to real estate so jump in there now. Just do it!

Q. The Micheaux Film Festival was created to give a platform for film makers, writers, and people who wouldn’t normally have their projects seen and voices heard. In terms of real estate and having our voices heard when it comes to property ownership, what type of conversations do you feel need to be started and how do our voices need to be heard/and represented?

I think the most important thing is that people need to realize that real estate is an investment vehicle to build wealth. We’re talking about generational wealth. There are people who have properties – commercial buildings, apartment buildings, homes – you know, family homes using them as rentals and as businesses to be able to rent out as well. Keep that in your family, get it, grab it, jump in there! Keep it in your family and let it go on for generations and the values rise so highly. Don’t be afraid of it. I’ve heard people say “No I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to own, there’s so much work to it.” But It pays off because the value of owning a home is far greater than renting a home. So, instead of giving somebody else money every month, build yourself, build your family, build your history and your generations to come.

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