An Interview With Entrepreneur Rasheida D. Bennett


By Staff

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

My driving force  for pursuing entrepreneurship was a real deep desire to be a hands-on mom with the flexibility to be available for my family. However, the journey wasn’t always easy. Looking back on my journey, it was like having the answers to a test, but not applying them. 

I’d heard God’s voice very early in life telling me what to do, yet I followed the path that was most familiar and seemed easier. Most people around me worked for others, so I also worked for others. At each job, I was immediately met with challenges and the feeling that it was not “right” for me.

Once I had a family, it was hard to balance the negative energy of work and home life.  I finally decided to embrace my gifts and lean on the message God gave me earlier in life. I am sure that others who are a part of the great resignation will be able to relate. 

Today, I create colorful, flavorful, and aesthetically beautiful edible arrangements that tap into all of your senses for a unique experience. I can’t imagine doing anything that does not allow me to use my gifts, but I learned a lot from the journey on the way.

Tell us about your company and services

My journey with fruit displays started in 2016 when my daughter requested something different for her graduation party. After the graduation celebration people started asking me who made the food display. When I let them know that I was the designer charcuterie star, orders immediately started to follow and in two weeks I got five orders! Within 3 months, it was growing and I never looked back.

I then became obsessed with creating the best experience for people. I researched where to purchase the best products and how to make & master them. I tried and reviewed all types of boards to both visually and emotionally create the same experience I wanted for my customers.

Passion’s Fruitopia offers a    variety of options. We can create a small personal charcuterie box or create a grazing table for a larger event. The possibilities are endless. We use a variety of items on our boards; some are breakfast, fruit, candy, and traditional charcuterie boards. We offer them infused with alcohol as well.  Customer favorites are the Fruit Kabobs and the Pineapple Boats.

I have been honored to share these works of art at holiday parties, photo shoots, graduation parties, Valentine’s Day Boxes, COVID-friendly dinner boxes, etc. I have also conducted virtual and in-person charcuterie classes.


Rasheida D. Bennett

Rasheida spent many years in the entertainment and music industry as a performer before starting a mobile spa and beauty product line.  She resigned in 2013 to become a full-time caretaker for elderly family members.

Rasheida is back creating products, crafting and teaching Charcuteria classes both in person and virtually.  She manages Passion’s Fruitopia (her charcuterie business) and she has relaunched Passionate Pampering LLC (a natural hair care and body product line).

Rasheida is a member of the Gospel recording group DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.

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