Jewelry artist Leslie McGriff, owner of Elle Chase Accents


By Staff

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

My inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur happened as a result of the Pandemic. I wanted to be able to serve in a capacity that would not put myself, my family or my clients at risk of contracting or spreading the deadly virus. As a result, I came up with the idea of creating one-of-a-kind bracelets. As a jewelry artist, I can create from anywhere in the world at anytime. I’m able to create freely because I set my own atmosphere…a peaceful environment with no distractions. 

Tell us about your company and product.

My company is called Elle Chase Accents. It was established in 2021 in honor of my Grandmother, Lillie Mae Chase. We handcraft bracelets for men, women and children. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is intricately detailed with natural stone, metal, wood and glass embellishments. We pride ourselves in integrity, making sure each client is completely satisfied from the moment they experience our website, to the second they open their creation. 

How are your designs created?

 My designs are created by whatever I feel at that very moment. If I’m thinking of nature or the beach, I create something with greens, blues, yellows and whites. If I’m thinking of Night or something masculine, I create using black onyx, natural hematite, snowflake obsidian or metal accents. I love to use different textures to create a more multi dimensional feel and appearance. My goal is to always create an eye catcher that will make you feel empowered when you wear an Elle Chase piece. 

Where can people purchase your product?

 All of our pieces can be purchased on our website at You can also contact me for your custom pieces by phone or email. All contact information can be found on our website and we are also on Social Media Platforms as Elle Chase Accents. 

Leslie McGriff

What would you tell someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur? 

If someone seeks to become an entrepreneur, the first thing I would say is you HAVE to be a giver. You have to sow into other people’s lives. Whether it be a hug, positive affirmations or just your time. You have to give out, ultimately, what you want to receive back. It always comes back GREATER than what you initially gave. Never chase after your gift. It’s God’s ability that was already there when you were born. All you have to do is cultivate it, and nurture the GIFT of entrepreneurship. When you do that, everything that comes along with owning your own business, from the clientele to the resources, will fall into place because you built your foundation on the most important principle in the world…the law of sowing and reaping. Giving teaches you the discipline and the drive you need in order to become a captain in your industry. 

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?

In the next 5 years I would love to see my creations in every major department store and quaint little boutique. I would love to be the go-to designer when anyone wants unmatched creativity and beautiful, eye-catching statement pieces. I soon want to expand Elle Chase Accents to include Home Decor as well, since I also have a background in Interior Design. 

About Leslie McGriff

Leslie McGriff is the Owner and Jewelry Artist of Elle Chase Accents, where she creates custom one-of-a- kind bracelets. Before establishing her business, she practiced Interior Design for 12 years and was in the Beauty Industry for over 15 years. Leslie is a Licensed Master Cosmetologist in Several states as well as a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. She enjoys “all things art”, reading, and traveling. Her passion is of course, making other people FEEL beautiful. Leslie plans to expand Elle Chase Accents to include specified areas of Home Decor in the near future. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.