Kimberly Miles Founder of MïkTu Naturals


By Staff

Tell us about your company and products.

MïkTu Naturals is a brand that’s all about the love and care of your feet. I’m often asked where the name came from and I explain that Mik is Kim ,(my first name), backwards and Tu is “you” in Spanish, so in essence, the brand is from me to you. 

Currently we have two signature products, our Sole Dew™ Moisturizing Foot Balm and our Smooth ‘Em™ Foot Scrub. We have limited editions of our Foot Soak and Deodorizing Foot Spray. 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I never actually thought of being an entrepreneur until I was laid off after almost 20 years at my previous employer. When the pandemic hit, the challenges and changes that came along with it, made me realize it was the perfect time to branch out and turn my idea into reality. 

Why are feet so important to you?

I’m one of those people, that, if my feet hurt, I literally zone out. They carry us through our daily lives and, for most of us, support our entire bodies. There are thousands of products that cater to body care, face care and hair care. However, no one seems to remember that feet have skin too, and deserve more than just the occasional pedicure. Regular foot care is important to me because I feel it ensures they remain healthy and can help prevent common issues like calluses, blisters, and dry skin.

What does success look like for you?

Success looks different for everyone and I feel that some would answer this by saying, “making a lot of money” or “buying what I want”. I think those are absolutely great results of success, however for me, it’s also being able to live and give like no one else.  I think it includes, not only financial freedom, but personal/professional achievement and a positive impact on those around me. This also means maintaining a healthy work-life balance and creating meaningful relationships.

What advice would you give someone who seeks to be an entrepreneur ?

I always tell people to take something that you love and/or love to do and figure out ways to make money at it. It’s also important to have rhinoceros skin, because you will need thick skin to get past setbacks or naysayers. You’ll want to make sure you’re surrounded by a strong network and stay true to your vision.