Performing Artist and Financial Expert Amber Grant talks about bridging the wealth gap in the music industry through cryptocurrency and financial planning


By: Jessica Dupree
Photos: Tyree Vance 

Before International performing artist Amber Grant knew anything about financial planning she knew how to play the organ by ear and she knew what it was like to grow up in poverty. But what she didn’t know was that one day her natural gift of entertaining, along with her arithmetic intelligence would land her in boardrooms and on global stages that she only dreamed of. She would one day work with the likes of Comedian Steve Harvey, retired NBA player and business Mogul Magic Johnson, Rapper and CEO of No Limit Records Master P, and perform on International platforms alongside Kanye West and the Sunday Service choir.

As a Pepperdine MBA graduate, Amber’s purpose blended harmoniously as she navigated through the music industry with her foot on the pedal. Being surrounded by talented independent artists, Grant knew that she wanted to help change the narrative of Black entertainers dwindling their wealth. By educating and exposing her clients to opportunities like cryptocurrency and financial planning tools, Amber is helping hundreds of Black artists, producers, and music industry executives keep and build upon their wealth leaving a legacy for generations to come. 

“When I first became a financial advisor I was told to focus on people with $5M or more in their bank accounts. I was told specifically NOT to focus on African Americans because they don’t save or value generational wealth. I have made it my personal mission to prove ‘them’ wrong. I want to help my community build sustainable wealth from the ground up, she says.”

In 2021, Grant became the Global Ambassador for the African diaspora’s first and leading cryptocurrency, Oduwa Coin. The Oduwa Coin is the first Blockchain global technology that is developed and supported by people of African descent. For the first time, black independent leaders the US, UK, China, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa have come together proving that this is the 1st Pan-African Cryptocurrency with our People as its focus.

Grant sat down with Heart and Soul to discuss the Oduwa Coin and her vision to bridge the wealth gap of Black musicians, creatives, and executives in the music industry. The Oduwa Coin is now listed on and partnering with Simplex to allow direct purchases through the Oduwa app.

As the Global Ambassador for the Oduwacoin, Amber offers coins directly from the vault to interested investors to avoid exchange transaction fees. Investors also benefit from mining coins and referrals.  Amber’s mission to empower underserved communities as well as independent artists is realized in her weekly wealth-building and crypto courses.

You’ve been credited for transforming the financial portfolios of hundreds of independent artists, creatives, and entertainment executives. Can you share with us one of the strategies you use to transform portfolios? 

What stands out in the Entertainment industry is that a lot of artists focus on their craft, gift, and talent. What concert can I play in? What movie can I write? But when it’s time to collect income and receive payment the proper business entities are not set up which means they will be taxed at the highest tax bracket. The first thing I do is form a business entity by getting them incorporated. This will assist in lowering their tax liability. I make sure they are set up like a corporation with retirement benefits, disability & life insurance, tax management strategies, investment portfolios, and alternative investment solutions like cryptocurrencies. My ultimate goal is to increase their net worth and establish a plan for leaving a legacy.

As brand ambassador for the Oduwa Coin, tell us about the future you foresee and the impact that this coin will have on the diaspora. 

The Oduwa Coin has provided a platform for us to remove some of our dollars and support from a centralized government that was never designed to empower us. When we take control of our finances we can rebuild our communities and control our narrative. Once we recognize our collective power, we will be unstoppable. We influence the majority of the culture with our gifts, talents, and services but there are still disproportionate gaps in ownership of businesses within our community.  We must invest in digital currency that is designed and owned by us and for us.

What is your message to doubting investors who see cryptocurrency as too risky based on the velocity of the market?

All investments require some level of risks.  No one achieved any level of success without taking action.  How many Bitcoins, Apples or Amazons will you allow to make other people millionaires while you sit and do nothing? As Black people, we throw our money at everything. We spend money on alcohol, fashion, exclusive parties, and the list goes on and on. We are the consumers of this nation. It’s time that we invest in ourselves to create our own future. We must be faithful over a few things in order to become rulers over many.

What is your process of valuing cryptocurrency coins? What information can you give to help investors make sound financial decisions? 

First, I encourage investors to do their own research by visiting sites like and You must read about the purpose of the cryptocurrency that you are interested in – knowing the intent and what problems the coin was created to solve are important factors. Cryptocurrency sits on a technology called Blockchain and there needs to be a fixed supply of digital coins (no physical coins exist). If there’s a limited supply, demand will increase. If there is an unlimited supply, it will be harder for the coin to appreciate in value. Another thing to pay attention to is coins that have large stakeholders or individuals who with one sale can affect the value of the overall coin.

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