Faith & Black Women in Entrepreneurship SERIES- Portia Hoover talks about entrepreneurship and the fundamentals of building value.

Income creator Portia Hoover- “Instead of chasing money, pursue being a person of value”

Written by: Leilani Whitfield 
Photos by: P. Hoover 

Portia Hoover was born in poverty, now she’s living in abundance and teaching others how to turn their passion into prosperity. Making it her life mission to teach others how to build wealth, Hoover created “Level Up,” an online program that has helped hundreds of people increase their monthly, passive income. 

With a strong background in sales, the tycoon trains her clients on how to use international contacts, merchants, and systems to start their own e-commerce businesses. “Mentoring and support have been at the center of my business since its conception. We combine the best tricks, shortcuts, and successes from over one thousand members of the group I started to provide each of my clients with the best information in the e-commerce industry,” Hoover tells Heart & Soul.

The entrepreneur posted on social media “You don’t need to wait on anyone to tell you that you are ‘good enough,’ know that you are. You were created to create, stop waiting around to be put on when the source made you the plug,” she wrote. Referring to her followers as kings and queens, the wealth builder makes it her business to motivate her clients with empowering messages. 

After taking nearly a year off to mourn the passing of her beloved mother, Hoover tells Heart & Soul “I know that what God has for me is for me, and that prayer does work! I know that sounds cliche, but while I was in mourning, I stopped praying, and when I came to myself, there were some things very close to home that deeply needed my attention. Prayer was the only weapon that could help. Prayer will always be a part of my life, no matter if I’m confused, mad, or sad! I have to stay close to God. I thank God for covering my family while I was checked out on life.”

Now ready to take on the world, Hoover returns with motivating posts that both entertain and informed her followers.

Hoover sat down with Heart & Soul to discuss value and entrepreneurship. 

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

Always invest in knowledge to grow your business, and instead of chasing money, pursue being a person of value. When you are a person of value, you don’t have to chase money it will run you down. Jesus was a person of great value, and people traveled thousands of miles to hear from him because they knew He was giving value. Many people come into my program, they skip over the most important part and start chasing money, but because they lack value, their business fails. 

What advice would you give to the entrepreneur who wants to give up?

Don’t! The race isn’t giving to the swift nor the strong, but to those who endure to the end. I would also suggest reading “The Power of Positive Thinking.” 

What can people expect from you in this next quarter of 2021? 

You know, I just got back from a ten-month break, after the loss of my mom. I was so lost, broken, sad, depressed, bitter, and angry. The only thing I’m focusing on is being a better person eternally, smiling more on purpose, and stepping my purpose game up. I was off for a minute, there’s a lot of God’s business I need to take care of and that’s real talk.

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