Leveraging Social Media’s 4 Billion Users – NNPA / Zenger News 2021 Conference with BlackFacts.com

By NNPA / Zenger News

In this half-hour session at the National Newspaper Publishers Association / Zenger News 2021 Conference in February, BlackFacts.com CEO Dale Dowdie and CTO Ken Granderson share tips on how they organically grew and maintain a Social Media following of 200,000 for BlackFacts without external investors or staff – just some software tools and a part-time consultant. We also describe how we are rebooting the Ethnic News Syndicate Platform we built that put Boston’s Bay State Banner online in 2001 to help grassroots and professional journalists, modern-day griots and other Truth-Tellers self-publish and syndicate their content across the globe for free or even at a profit.