Morena Dominguez: owner and instructor of Mojo Firearms & Safety Training LLC

At Mojo Firearm & Safety Training, we offer different firearm safety classes. We provide other safety coaching classes on Gun violence, gun safety, sex trafficking and protection. All these training classes focus on issues that touch the heart of our communities and homes. Our company wants people to feel safe in and out of their houses, and thus the coaching classes aim to create awareness and give practical skills on safety and protection.

Most people who own guns have not received formal gun and safety coaching, which is dangerous for our communities. The majority who claim to know a thing or two about gun handling have received their informal coaching from family and friends. Although there may not be a requirement requesting people who want to own private guns or those who own personal guns to undergo formal coaching, some states demand that private gun purchasers present proof of proper gun safety coaching which indicates that they can use, maintain and safely store the weapons.

Our firearms & safety coaching classes include practical courses centered around the safety of gun holders, those around them and the larger community. The courses cover safe handling and operation of a firearm, how to repair and clean firearms, gun laws and regulations, and the physics of guns. Furthermore, our courses elaborate clearly on keeping guns away from vulnerable individuals and children.

You can contact me, Morena Dominguez, at my business phone number is 1-855-486-6656, or you can also get me through my business cell phone number: 484-358-1258. You can also contact me through email at

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About The Owner

My name is Morena Dominguez. The owner and instructor of Mojo Firearms & Safety Training LLC. I ‘m a Certified NRA firearm instructor, defensive pistol instructor, fitness instructor and rifle instructor. My motivation and passion lie in teaching and training firearms and safety classes in all communities. The training aims to ensure that women, children, and men have the required knowledge and information to practice gun safety in the streets and at home.

Mojo Firearms & Safety Training LLC offers training in NRA Firearms and Safety classes.

We teach you the fundamentals when it comes to handling firearms.
We will also help inform you on the laws related to gun ownership.

Classes We  Offer:
Virginia Conceal Weapons Class, Women’s Basic Pistol Class, Defensive Pistol,
Gun Violence, Sex Trafficking, Penal Codes, Firearm’s Cleaning Class & Services,
Maryland HQL & Wear and Carry Classes ,Reinstate-Online Conceal Carry
Pennsylvania Basic Pistol and Youth Pistol Program.