Shanika Palm-Owner of Suitable Solutions

By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve always had a creative energy and a desire to help and inspire others to pursue their creative sides. A career in Information Technology tapped into both my desire to continuously learn, “the information,” and fed by a natural inclination to create and enhance “the technology.” I believe there was a natural progression to entrepreneurship as I sought to extend the boundaries placed on corporate technology teams and assist other’s with being fearless in pursuing their unique business goals through the use of information and technology.

Tell us about your business and services. 
My company, Suitable Solutions stems from my core belief that every business is unique and that success depends on the ability to distinguish yourself from the competition and implement a custom plan that aligns with the unique goals of the business. So at Suitable we don’t merely provide business support service but our team partners with you to develop and implement staffing plans, technology, training and marketing strategies that are customized and “Suited” specifically for our clients’ particular brand and business goals.

When did you realize that you had what it took to be successful as an entrepreneur? 
Funny enough, in elementary school. I was a risk taker, competitive, personable and self-aware at a very young age. I remember convincing my second-grade teacher that I could write in cursive and requesting that she allow me to write in cursive even though this was not a normal second grade activity. She agreed, and I spent the rest of that month teaching myself to write in cursive from the pin up board she had posted in the classroom.  I guess as young as 7 years old, I had a knack for persuading people to buy into possibility and then working diligently to make it a reality.

What type of experience should a client expect when working with you?
 I seek to offer clients an honest experience. The Suitable actively listens to your goals and offers you transparency in our services and the roadmap to success based on your specific industry and stage of business.

What advice would you give someone who seek to become an entrepreneur? 
Be honest with yourself about the value you will offer and make sure that you and those invested with you (i.e. family, business partners, investors, etc.) understand the risk, sacrifice and personal commitment needed to be successful. If all those things align, spend time developing a plan with realistic timelines and milestones towards success. Lastly, be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked to obtain rewards that are not always quantifiable. After that, the possibilities are endless!

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?
 I hope to have increased the Suitable Solutions portfolio and more importantly increase the number of clients we assist to successfully meeting their individual goals. In five years, I hope to have assisted 100% of Suitable clients in realizing their 5-year milestones.


Shanika Palm is an innovative technologist and strategist with over 20 years of experience accessing needs, generating options and implementing innovative solutions for clients in private and government sectors of business. Shanika is a graduate of Troy University and holds a BS in Computer Science. She launched Suitable Solutions, after years as a consultant, to assist Owners and Executives realizing team building, business strategy, product development and digital marketing goals. 

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