Sydney Nicole Owner of Sydney Nicole Candle Co.


By Staff

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? To be completely honest, entrepreneurship wasn’t on my radar. I am mom to 3 kids. My oldest now (24)she just had purchased her first home and moved out. I had her early,  I was 20 years old, so she is half of my half. I was going through separation anxiety. It was during pandemic,  I was creating “Busy Work” for my son at that time (7) and daughter(13). We did virtual learning that was outsourced to California Catholic Virtual. We had to wait till Noon cst. to start school. So, in the meantime time I was trying to keep them occupied. I started learning all things candles and teaching them what I was learning. 
What does success look like for you?
Success, for me is having a large impact on my kids. First, for them to understand I wanted to give them a different type of exposure to things of the world. Success is the ability to the experience things that is normally out of reach for the person that is afraid to walk out on faith and chase their destiny.
Tell us what makes your products different from others in the market.
Sydney Nicole Candle Co. Is separated from the rest because it’s personal. My products are curated like a fine piece of art. Each candle is made with the finest quality of ingredients. A proprietary wax blend, cotton wicks, and phthalate free fragrance. Then slowly hand poured with love. Not massed produced or machine made. It’s truly hand crafted.
Tell us about your event with Pottery Barn.
My event at Potter Barn will be Saturday Apri 29th. Sydney Nicole Candle co will present a wide array of luxury fragrances to please the palette of all candle lovers.
What motivates you in navigating the world of entrepreneurship as an African American woman?
As an African American woman, I am honestly motivated by my beliefs. I believe and have seen that drive, determination, and faith will get you so far in life not just business. I try to be aware of the energy I bring. Always service with a smile.
What happened that encouraged you to turn your hobby into a business.
I was giving my candles to my Pharmacist Tracy. She told me to stop giving them away. She had customers coming in asking about my candles. She placed my first wholesale order, which was huge order. That taught me how to mass produce, package, and process my candles. That created a snowball effect. I picked up several stores after that including The Williams Sonoma umbrella of stores. That actually forced me to turn my hobby into a business. If I wanted my presence in those stores.
Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?
In the next five years Sydney Nicole Candle Co. Will be sold in major luxury stores across the United States. We will have a full production warehouse that is distributing products and offering jobs to over 100 people. Also, our charity that offers underpants to the homeless will be in full swing.

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